Healthy living is actually good for you? Gross

I am a writer. I’m also a reader, podcaster, tv critic. And I have a day job where I work on a computer. None of these activities encourage much physical activity. All of these activities mean that the busier I am, the less likely I am to get any exercise at all. Honestly, at oneContinue reading “Healthy living is actually good for you? Gross”

My favorite LGBTQ+ characters in speculative fiction

Representation matters. We know this. And as nerds, we know that the speculative fiction genre is full of great, and not so great, representations of the LGBTQ+ community. So today, I wanted to put a spotlight on my top six favorite examples. These are characters that are not caricatures, not stereotypes. They’re real, honest peopleContinue reading “My favorite LGBTQ+ characters in speculative fiction”

Why Lower Decks works

Premiering in August of 2020, Lower Decks is different than the other Star Trek shows we’ve talked about in this series so far. But also not as different when you get into the details. It’s not set on Enterprise, but many of them haven’t been. Lower Decks is set on the U.S.S. Cerritos. Of course,Continue reading “Why Lower Decks works”