Banned Books Week, 2020

Warning: This post gets a little inappropriate. I’m going to say some words like vagina and fuck. You’ve been warned.  It’s that time again, my favorite bookish holiday of the year. Banned Books week! I love this yearly reminder that we’ve got to fight for our right to freedom of expression. No surprise, it’s sortContinue reading “Banned Books Week, 2020”

Why Upload Works

Why isn’t everyone talking about Upload? It’s a clever, funny show that the husband and I binged in two days. Now everyone else needs to binge it in two days. Upload is about a man named Nathan, a computer programmer. The show starts with Nathan being in a horrible car accident. His body isn’t goingContinue reading “Why Upload Works”

September 11, 2020. Looking back after 19 years

Today’s cover art is from F<a href="http://Image by <a href="">Frank Nürnberger</a> from <a href="">Pixabayrank Nurnburger. I wasn’t sure if I was going to write this. I actually forgot that this anniversary was coming up if you can believe that. Maybe someone who forgot shouldn’t be the same person writing about one of the worst terroristContinue reading “September 11, 2020. Looking back after 19 years”

We don’t get to know every story

I just finished listening to a wonderful podcast. If you want to read my review about it, click here to go to Haunted MTL.  I won’t talk a lot about it here. What I will say is that some stories in this podcast weren’t finished. Some questions were left after the last episode.  These questionsContinue reading “We don’t get to know every story”