The Boys, Season Two

Let’s see, I watched Frozen II and the first three episodes of The Boys season two. Which one should I talk about?

Yeah, let’s talk about The Boys.

At its core, the story is about a man named Huey, doing what he can to make the world a better place. He’s trying to do that by systematically taking down a corrupt group of superheroes who routinely abuse their power to rape and murder as they please.

This season starts with everyone pretty much in hiding. Butcher, the man who recruited Huey to start with, is missing. The rest of the team is in hiding because they’re wanted for several murders. A few of which they actually committed.

Meanwhile, the superhero group known as The 7 is trying to fill its ranks. They’re down two people. One was killed (by Huey). One, The Deep, was removed from the team for being a borderline rapist.

The newest team member is named Stormfront. Let me share with you an actual discussion I had with the darling husband over this character.

Me: She seems cool.

Him: Stormfront is a Nazi group.

Me: Yeah, but it’s also a weather thing. Maybe they don’t know it’s a Nazi group. 

Him: They’re making her too likable. She’s saying all the right things. You’re going to regret liking her. 

Spoiler, he was right. 

The writers, as always, did characters right. None of the characters on either side of this battle are all good or all bad. It’s all shades of gray. Everyone’s relatable. 

Like Homelander. Let’s talk about Homelander. Because he has got some really clear and apparent mental issues.

He’s a narcissist. And you’ve probably heard that a lot. But most people don’t understand what a real narcissist is. It’s not just that they love themselves. They don’t see others as less than human. It’s that they see everyone else as human, but themselves as something better than, bigger than. Narcissists often don’t like themselves because they think they should be more. They should be better. 

Homelander thinks that. He also thinks that everyone else should listen to him, should care about him before everyone and everything else. He expects that Mave, Starlight and everyone else around him will love him the most. Even as he doesn’t love anyone.

What’s scary is when someone like that finds someone they think should be their equal. This happens when Homelander finds that he has a son.

This is his son, his heir. This little boy, named Ryan, should be just as good as Homelander. Just as strong, just as fantastic. Also, just as obsessed with him like everyone else.

This is horrifying, and it leads to exactly the sort of horrifying reactions that one might expect. 

Homelander is terrifying. He’s not to be trusted around anyone, least of all people he loves. I think that’s the scariest thing. Normally a villain will attack and hurt people he doesn’t like or doesn’t care about. The people that they love live in a happy bubble of safety. Think of President Snow’s granddaughter in The Hunger Games. He’s not mean to that kid. He loves her with all his heart, like any good grandfather. She has nothing to fear from him.

But Homelander has murdered people he loved. He’s missed them, mourned them, and not regretted it for one bloody second. 

This show is emotionally crippling in that way. I want Homelander to suffer but also I feel really bad for him. 

Now, let’s talk about the structure of the episodes so far. Rather than release the whole season at once, or putting out one episode a week, Amazon has decided to release the first three episodes, then one a week from now until the end of the season.

This is brilliant, and more shows should do it.

Releasing the first three episodes allows the audience to binge them. To get into the story and have the stage set. This is invaluable with a story like this. Because it’s not the episodic stories from our past, where you could pick up just one random episode of a show, you need to be neck-deep in the story. Giving three episodes allows the audience to get the foundation of the story.

I hope you get a chance to watch The Boys, season two. I’ll probably do a season wrap up when it’s all over. So post your predictions below in the comments. Let’s experience it together. Because so far, it’s been a hell of an experience.


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