Using weather to set the scene in your novel

One of the first things I do in the morning, after getting up and grouching at the day, is check the weather. It’s going to have an impact on my day, from what I’m getting dressed in, to where I’m writing after work. Do you consider what the weather’s like in your book? I imagineContinue reading “Using weather to set the scene in your novel”

How I’m improving my descriptions

As a writer, I’m always learning. We need to be, as writers and artists, always learning and trying new things. Or, in some cases, you need to go back and learn how to do something sort of basic. Like writing descriptions. I used to be really bad at writing descriptions, both of characters and ofContinue reading “How I’m improving my descriptions”

My advice for self editing

If you’re serious about being a professional writer, you’ve got to get good at editing your own work. I actually run my own freelance business editing, and I can promise you one thing; editing starts with the writer. Otherwise, the editor isn’t going to be able to handle the job. In addition to that, thereContinue reading “My advice for self editing”

Controlling Your Life, The Email Course, comes to PBW

If you’re trying to find time to write, you know it can be a nightmare. Your time’s ususally devoted to your family and your day job. At least, that’s how I used to be. I have kids and a family, and I always put them before my writing. That was killing me. I’ve wanted toContinue reading “Controlling Your Life, The Email Course, comes to PBW”

Brevity is the soul of horror

Brevity is the soul of wit. There’s a reason why everyone says this. It’s because it’s, duh, true. Good comedy works best when it’s brief. While some comedians do quite well with longer jokes, the best ones are always the quickest. I poured spot remover on my dog, now he’s gone. -Seven Wright I oftenContinue reading “Brevity is the soul of horror”

Cliches in horror that need a stake through the heart.

Who’s doing some serious horror movie watching this year? We are in my house. I can’t even list all of the movies we’re watching. We love them. Well, we love them for the most part. There are a lot of things that I don’t love about the horror genre. Actually, let me be clear. ThereContinue reading “Cliches in horror that need a stake through the heart.”

Second hand stores, a personal essay

I don’t feel like I do enough personal essays here. So here’s one that I’ve been thinking about for awhile. It came up in a free writing session, my love for thrift shops. My memories of them, from my childhood into my adulthood. This might seem really weird to some people. Maybe the thought ofContinue reading “Second hand stores, a personal essay”