Happy Halloween

Many years it rains on Halloween, here in Western PA. We parents have learned to plan costumes around the bad weather. When I was a kid, they had to be planned around snow suits, most years. But it doesn’t snow as much as it used to anymore.

My kids costumes are ready. One’s a zombie, the other is a vampire. Simple costumes this year, but that’s alright. There’s nothing wrong with the classics.Soon I’ll be fixing their makeup, and we’ll head out for trick or treating. It’s probably the last year they’ll want to go. They’re thirteen now. They might just hand out candy next year. Their turning into women, in that bitter-sweet way all children do.

No matter how old they get, though, they still watch It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. They’ll leave out candy so that The Great Pumpkin will leave them presents. We’ll watch Thriller and Rocky Horror Picture Show. We’ll watch Nightmare Before Christmas and all of the other horror movies we have time for.

Our pumpkins are out on the front porch for everyone to enjoy. They were carved with care, then the seeds were baked with salt and oil. They’d filled our house with the good, clean smell of fresh pumpkin. In a few days they’ll be in the garbage, but right now they’r eout there, grinning their wicked grin.

Happy Halloween, everyone.


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