Creating fast and easy graphics for your blog

A long time ago, when I started Paper Beats World, I didn’t worry overmuch about graphics for my blog posts. If you’ve been following me for that long, you’ve watched the evolution of my graphics. I’ve gone from allowing my crappy logo be the image for every post to some slick looking graphics. I’ve foundContinue reading “Creating fast and easy graphics for your blog”

Planning a Facebook launch party

We discussed earlier this month that I wasn’t thrilled with my launch for Starting Chains. I don’t think I mentioned then that, despite messing up the paperback, I did things that I had never done before for this launch. And they turned out really well. I was on two podcasts (one of which hasn’t airedContinue reading “Planning a Facebook launch party”

Preparing for the season

It’s finally Fall! Actually, I’ve been in a Fall frame of mind since September first, but we won’t get bogged down with the details. I love this time of year more than any other time. Every day from September first I wake up with anticipation, looking forward to all the exciting, wonderful things that areContinue reading “Preparing for the season”

How I messed up my launch, and what you can do to avoid it

Ten days ago, Starting Chains came out. I’m still kind of recovering from that. It was a hard launch. I mean, it was a really freaking hard launch. When I published Station 86, everything seemed to go like clockwork! All of my e-book launches have run smoothly, and I haven’t had a worry with them.Continue reading “How I messed up my launch, and what you can do to avoid it”

What I Want To Tell My Generation Today

I don’t think I’ve ever done a September 11th memorial post. I’ve not necessarily avoided it, I just haven’t done it. There are a lot of good reasons not to do it. I don’t generally post outside of my schedule, I don’t want to rehash things that everyone else has said. Mostly, though, it feltContinue reading “What I Want To Tell My Generation Today”

Starting Chains is Launching Today!

The wait is finally over, Starting Chains is available today! After years of war between Montelair and Septa, the two thrones are united by family. Victor’s nephew, Morgan, is sharing the throne with the last heir of the royal line, Jacob. He and Lenore decide to travel to Montelair with their newborn daughters to helpContinue reading “Starting Chains is Launching Today!”