Starting Chains is Launching Today!

The wait is finally over, Starting Chains is available today!

After years of war between Montelair and Septa, the two thrones are united by family. Victor’s nephew, Morgan, is sharing the throne with the last heir of the royal line, Jacob. He and Lenore decide to travel to Montelair with their newborn daughters to help broker peace.

But peace among their own people is harder to achieve. The city is tormented by a terrorist who calls himself The Tinker. He and his group of anarchists plant bombs through the city and call for the death of the new kings from every street corner.

Meanwhile in Calistar, Sultiana and Devon are marching to war with Kussier. The ancient hatred between the two countries is sprung anew when Sultiana is declared heir to the Calistar throne.

Waiting at the border, though, is a much darker enemy. A force from legend threatens to consume both countries, and possibly the world.

Here is what the amazing fantasy author, ML Spencer, had to say about it. Here, also, is a link to her book. Because everyone should be reading her book.

A heartfelt story of honor, betrayal, and trust that turns gender and cultural stereotypes on their heads.”

“A comprehensive blend of strong female characters submerged in a diverse setting.”

“A fantasy for our time.”

“A novel that confronts long-held genre stereotypes and comes out triumphant on the other side.”


If you haven’t already ordered Starting Chains, here’s a link.

We’ll be having a Facebook party today from 6:00 to 9:00. There will be games and takeovers from other awesome authors. Here’s a full list of all of the participating authors.

6:30- Mercedes Prunty

7:00- Ryan Batla

7:30- Angela J. Ford

8:00- Sarah Buhrman

8:30- Diane Morrison

And, of course, I’ll be giving away free copies of Starting Chains. There are three ways to win.

  1. Comment on this post.
  2. Tweet using #Woven today.
  3. Say something on Facebook using #Woven.

Best of luck to all of you. And thanks for reading.


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