Thirty Things I’ve learned in (Almost) Thirty Years

I didn’t mean to plagiarize Jenna Marbles on this one, sorry. Here’s a link to her video that inspired my post, then I forgot that it inspired me. I’m hitting a milestone birthday this year, I’m turning 30. It’s kind of a big deal. I’m looking behind me, at all the places I’ve been inContinue reading “Thirty Things I’ve learned in (Almost) Thirty Years”

Tolkien Already Did That

Fantasy is the oldest recorded genre. We, as fantasy writers, are part of a great brother/sisterhood that dates back to the first ever recorded story, Beowulf. Centuries of Fantasy writers stand behind us. This means that everything’s been done already, mostly by Tolkien. This is terrible! How are we ever to say anything original whenContinue reading “Tolkien Already Did That”

Would Your Book Pass The Bedchel Test?

Do you know what the Bechdel Test is? I only heard of it recently, which makes me sad as a feminist. The Bechdel test, named for the cartoonist Alison Bechdel who came up with it in a comic called Dykes to Watch Out For, consists of three rules. If a movie didn’t follow these threeContinue reading “Would Your Book Pass The Bedchel Test?”

God Bless the Fantasy Fans

I speak about fantasy fans from two points of view. On the one hand, I write fantasy, and some of the Annie Wilkes level stories frighten me. But I’m also a fantasy fan, and if I ever get to meet Tamora Pierce I might embarrass myself. So when I say that fantasy fans are theContinue reading “God Bless the Fantasy Fans”

Astrophil Press

Are you sitting on a novel? Maybe something you finished, but just haven’t found the right agent, publishing company, font, time of the year, coffee mug or whatever other excuse you’ve got to not have sent it out yet? Here, send it here. Astrophil Press knows no genre, so if you don’t write spec ficContinue reading “Astrophil Press”