Writing is a Job

Happy Throwback Thursday!

Paper Beats World

I’m not sure, but I think I might have mentioned a few times that writing is my job.  I might also have been saying something derisive about stamp collecting at the time.  It’s true, though.  Writing is my job, my real job.  I don’t get paid nearly as much as I do at my other job, my day job, but I put in more hours, more passion, more commitment, and certainly more pride.  I work at writing, and so it is, indeed a job.

There are some who will be shocked, or say I’m not a real writer.  I’m not a real artist, considering the writing a job.  Well, that’s just stupid.  All artists work.  Artists work harder than anybody.  If you’re a true artist, here are some of the things you do that are real, honest, work.


Once the first draft is done, that raw fleshy bit of…

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