If you’re not where you want to be this year

As you read this, it’s June 29th. So, we’ve got two days left in the second quarter of the year already. The year is halfway over, already. That’s a hard concept for me to wrap my mind around, honestly. This year has been a real challenge, and I’m really not where I wanted to beContinue reading “If you’re not where you want to be this year”

What writers can learn from improv

I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that I love comedians and stand up. When asked to list my heroes, there are four women who top my list; Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey in that order. These women were never afraid of being exactly who they are, and who theyContinue reading “What writers can learn from improv”

Guest post: Pamela Fernandes talks about setting

Everyone thinks long and hard about the setting before they sit down to write. For many, the setting becomes as much a character as it is the backdrop. THE MILANESE STARS, my latest book from Touchpoint Press is set in Milan. A city that is so unique that it did end up being more thanContinue reading “Guest post: Pamela Fernandes talks about setting”

My Summer bucket list

Summer’s not my favorite season. My favorite season is Fall. Fall is perfection. Everything is Pumpkin Spice flavored, it’s chilly, Halloween rocks, stationery sales abound. But Summer is my second favorite season. It’s as far from Spring as we can get, for one thing. Kennywood is open, and so is the pool. I can sitContinue reading “My Summer bucket list”

Some thoughts on the Nostalgia Critic

As you might have noticed, I’ve been watching a lot of Nostalgia Critic recently. I’ve shared some of the videos on social media, and I’ll give you a link here in case you want to check him out. I watch his videos for a lot of reasons. For one thing, I love nerd rage. Actually,Continue reading “Some thoughts on the Nostalgia Critic”

Today’s the last day to get Starting Chains on sale!

I know it’s the weekend, and I’m sure you’re all busy. So I wanted to make sure that you all got a chance to grab Starting Chains while it’s still on sale. And today’s the last day. After years of war between Montelair and Septa, the two thrones are united by family. Victor’s nephew, Morgan,Continue reading “Today’s the last day to get Starting Chains on sale!”

Starting Chains is still on sale

Starting Chains is still on sale today, so don’t forget to grab your copy. Here’s a link. After years of war between Montelair and Septa, the two thrones are united by family. Victor’s nephew, Morgan, is sharing the throne with the last heir of the royal line, Jacob. He and Lenore decide to travel toContinue reading “Starting Chains is still on sale”