Why would Station 86 be banned

I’m excited to bring this post to you today. Even though, sadly, Station 86 is probably the most well-behaved book series I’ve written. I need to ramp things up in the last book.

It depicts police poorly

It doesn’t start right away, but our main character Sennett does begin to realize that her police force doesn’t always have the people’s best interest at heart. It’s heartbreaking to her, and I hope it’s heartbreaking to the readers. It’s a direct example of how I feel, watching the police forces in America betray the people. 

Interracial marriages

I know this one hasn’t been an issue for a while, but it’s been a big issue in the past. 

Vulgar language

Sennett’s a police officer. She has a foul mouth. This made sense for the character. So whether it’s insulting to anyone or not, she swears. We as writers have to be honest when we’re writing our characters. We can’t worry about insulting people and lying to them as a result. 

Explicit scenes

I’m not writing 50 Shades of Grey here, but there are some sex scenes in the last Station 86 book. Again, it’s what the story needed. 

Confusing gender views

In the world of Station 86, gender roles are turned on their heads. This is something that for some reason upsets people. Remember the scene in Pleasantville, when the main antagonist is infuriated by the thought of men staying home and cooking? Yeah, this isn’t as far out of the bounds of reality as we’d like to think.

That’s it for Station 86. So now it’s your turn, my fellow writers. Why would your book be banned? Let us know in the comments. 

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