What I would rather have than money

I’m a pretty big fan of Garfield. Probably no surprise, there. It’s about a fat orange cat who eats constantly and has no ambition to do anything. And I love anything that’s so different from me. This is the same reason why I love Bender from Futurama or Lucy from Disenchanted. I am not them.Continue reading “What I would rather have than money”

Station Central, Episode Three

Are you behind? Catch up now. Episode One, Episode Two Godfrey Godfrey followed Akiko to a glass building not far from the loading docks. He glanced between her and Gene, wondering how far he’d get if he decided to run. He didn’t think it would be far enough. And he wouldn’t have put it pastContinue reading “Station Central, Episode Three”

Networking with other writers (outside of a con)

At some point, I think we writers need to just stop saying that writing is a solitary profession. It’s just not true anymore if it really ever was. Yes, you write your book alone. Yes, you succeed or fail all on your own. But we’re not alone. Feel free to play You Will Be FoundContinue reading “Networking with other writers (outside of a con)”

Beginning and ending rituals

I want to talk about beginnings and endings today. No, I don’t mean like big things, like weddings, divorces or death. It’s Monday after all, and too early besides. I’m talking about events like starting or finishing a big project. I’m talking about setting an intentional goal or planning a life change like finding aContinue reading “Beginning and ending rituals”

Station Central, Episode Two

Missed Episode one? Get caught up now. Sennett Sennett had rarely traveled off station with April. In fact, she’d very rarely traveled off station at all in her life. And after her experience traveling to Station Central, she doubted that she ever would again. April was miserable. She didn’t want to sleep, didn’t want toContinue reading “Station Central, Episode Two”

An interview with Henry Anderson, author of Cape Misfortune

Hey, guys. Today I have an interview with author Henry Anderson. Please enjoy. Tell us about your book. The life of a sheriff’s deputy on a foggy Northwest Pacific coast is turned upside-down while investigating disappearances that may be supernatural in origin. It’s a fantasy adventure. When did you realize that you were a writer?Continue reading “An interview with Henry Anderson, author of Cape Misfortune”

Station Central, Episode One

Prolog Once upon a time, a company called Galitech launched a space station. They wanted to see if space habitation would be sustainable for everyday people. They also wanted to make money. So they created Station Central, the vacation destination in the stars. It was far more successful than Galitech thought it would be. MillionsContinue reading “Station Central, Episode One”