The gift of an extra day

The biggest complaint I have, that most people have in fact, is that there’s not enough time in the day. There are so many things I want to do, want to experience. Even if it’s just an extra hour to watch Animal Planet, I want that time. I know for sure that if you’re readingContinue reading “The gift of an extra day”

An interview with Madolyn Locke

I was honored to interview Madolyn Locke. She’s an artist, poet, editor, playwrite and author. And it was a facinating conversation. What books have you read so many times that you wore out a copy? Too many to name! LoL The first was probably Ballet Shoes (Noel Streatfeild), but a couple others would be: Shakespeare’sContinue reading “An interview with Madolyn Locke”

America, embrace the mutt!

Dogs are awesome, literally gifts. I didn’t use to think this before having my own, but I’m now totally convinced. Dogs were put on Earth by God to give us honest, uncompromising love. America loves its dogs. There were 89.7 million pet dogs in America in 2017, and I’m sure the number has only goneContinue reading “America, embrace the mutt!”

SylverMoon Chronicles Vol.VIII is available now

You can get SylverMoon Chronicles on Amazon right now! Hey, guys. You’ve been hearing from me a lot this week, but that’s because it’s been a busy week. Like, really busy. Please feel free to insert some nervous laughter here. Taxes and deadlines, doctor appointments and book launches. Book launches! So, let’s talk about theContinue reading “SylverMoon Chronicles Vol.VIII is available now”

The Middle Finger Project, the book, launches today!

And I already got my copy! It’s sitting on my desk quietly waiting for me to finish the book I’m reading now. I’m going to really have to focus on actually getting things done with this book sitting here. I cannot wait to crack into it. Honestly, if you’ve been around PBW for any amountContinue reading “The Middle Finger Project, the book, launches today!”

Splitting books between two movies. Room for detail or a money grab?

Books, especially fantasy books, have experienced a great swelling of interest. Streaming services and cable channels scramble for new content. As they can often offer a long-form setup and give more room to tell a story, more and more good books are ending up there. And they’re doing way better there! For instance, the movieContinue reading “Splitting books between two movies. Room for detail or a money grab?”