Writing Prompt Saturday, Write an Ghazal Poem

Four days until a really awesome announcement Yet another really obscure poetry form, ghazal poetry is going to be my new favorite thing for awhile. For one thing, it’s all about couplets, which means that it is twitter friendly. So, a ghazal poem is at least five couplets, traditionally no more than fifteen. The firstContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday, Write an Ghazal Poem”

Writing Prompt Saturday, When My Children are Older

I think we all spend more time then we should, dreaming of what our children will be when they grow up. Honestly, the only thing on that list should be ‘happy’. But we all dream. Today, write a list of all the things you want for your kids when they are grown. Not what youContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday, When My Children are Older”

Writing Prompt Saturday- Create a Found Poem

Warning; this is not a poetry form for you if you’re not really cool with defacing old books.  This is the poetry form for you if you’re also into drawing, painting, scrap booking, or collage work. A found poem is one that you discovered in the existing text on a page.  I think I usedContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- Create a Found Poem”

Writing Prompt Saturday- Fantasy food world.

Remember how I like food? It’s kind of my thing, well one of my things. It’s not just me, though. Food tells you so much about a person, a culture, a life style. So for this week’s writing prompt, I want you to spend ten minutes free writing about the most popular food in yourContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- Fantasy food world.”

Writing Prompt Saturday- Hometown

What can you tell me about your hometown?  I bet you ask anyone that question, and you’ll get a flood of stories.  some will be good, some will be horrifying.  Some, like mine, will be about this crazy guy who chased me off his porch with a shotgun while campaigning.  The guy had a taxidermyContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- Hometown”

Writing Prompt Saturday- List Jobs

This week, I’d like to continue a writers notebook building exercise that I started at the end of last month. That’s right, it’s a list! I love lists. Today, we’re going to make a list of jobs. 100 jobs someone can have, to be precise. Because sometimes you’re going to have that character that hasContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- List Jobs”

Writing Prompt Saturday- Write a Habin

How is it possible that I have never heard of this before? What with my love of haiku, sent you and tanka poetry, you would have thought I would have found Habin a long time ago. It’s not a poetry form, strictly speaking. Think of it as more of a prose form that is designedContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- Write a Habin”

Writing Prompt Saturday- List character traits

So, I’ve got a thing about lists.  I really like making them, and reading them.  List the 20 best movies in the last fifty years, worst songs from the 90’s (that would be a really long list) most offensive things said by church officials.  They’re fun. Lists are also a great way to organize thoughtsContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- List character traits”

Writing Prompt Saturday- Write An Abecedarian Poem

This post contains an affiliate link at the bottom For those of us who have little ones, this is a poetry form that you can share with your kids. Especially if you’re kids are little enough that they’re still learning there alphabet. Like so many other poetic forms, this poetry form started in Greece.  Ah,Continue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- Write An Abecedarian Poem”

Writing Prompt Saturday- A twist on the journal prompt

Alright, so this is a classic writing exercise. There’s a reason you’ve heard the advise before to write a journal entry for your main character, so that you can learn their voice. Do that, do it more than once. Write a journal entry for a normal day, the day after the climactic scene. Hell, writeContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- A twist on the journal prompt”