Why Man in High Castle worked, until it didn’t

I am a big lover of alternate history. I also have this weird fascination with stories about WWII. So it’s no surprise that I enjoyed Man in the High Castle. It seemed almost custom made for me. What would have happened if America had lost WWII? This isn’t the first story to explore that theory.Continue reading “Why Man in High Castle worked, until it didn’t”

If your heart isn’t breaking right now, I don’t know why

Cover image by Free-Photos This might be a little raw, a little less polished than my normal posting. I just can’t bring myself to go though the normal edites and time I put into a post. I’m angry. Hell, I’m furious. And I’m also so, so tired of this. Two videos are making the roundsContinue reading “If your heart isn’t breaking right now, I don’t know why”

It’s Falling From Grace Launch Day!

Here we are again, with a new book launch. Falling From Grace is available now on Amazon. It’s easily my favorite book to date, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. Hit me up on social media today, I’ll be answering any questions. And don’t forget, the first three Woven novelsContinue reading “It’s Falling From Grace Launch Day!”