If your heart isn’t breaking right now, I don’t know why

Cover image by Free-Photos

This might be a little raw, a little less polished than my normal posting. I just can’t bring myself to go though the normal edites and time I put into a post.

I’m angry. Hell, I’m furious. And I’m also so, so tired of this.

Two videos are making the rounds online. Everyone’s seen them. Everyone’s talking about them. I’m sure I’m another voice in the crowd.

But damn it, I’ll make that crowd just a little louder if I can.

The first one was of a woman named Amy Cooper in Central Park, calling the police on a man named Christian Cooper asking her to put her dog on a leash.

I’m not going to go into detail about this. You’ve heard about it. If you haven’t, I’m surprised.

It’s sick, it’s disgusting. This woman has since been fired and had her dog taken away. I’m glad. I’d like to see charges brought against her for a false police charge.

If you think I’m overreacting, let me point something out to you. She called the police and lied to them about the situation. She did so knowing full well that she was endangering this man’s life.

And if you think that’s also an overreaction, you must not have heard about the death of George Floyd.

Just in case you missed this story, police officers knelt on the neck of this man until he was dead. They killed him. And they were fired. That is it. No charges brought, no real consiquences.

If you have heard of this story, understand that there are more stories you haven’t heard of.

The police get away with this because it’s acceptable. We recieve what we accept. Stop accepting this. Stop allowing American citizens to be murdered by police. When you see it, point it out. Shame it. The police officers who murdered George Floyd should be arrested. Amy Cooper should be charged. Stop allowing people to get away with these racist behaviors.



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