The Woven Timeline

With Broken Patterns on the way to publication, I’m feeling nostalgic. I mean, I started this book in 2014, and it’s just now coming out. It’s also a little weird, because I’m almost done with Starting Chains and about to be working on Missing Stitches. It’s all coming back full circle.

So I wanted to walk through the steps I’ve taken with Woven so far, broken down by year. I’ll be doing updates as the book progress, of course, but I just want to take a minute and read the mile marker.


I wrote the rough draft of Broken Patterns in six weeks. I had never written anything that long before. The novel I wrote before was just barely novel size. I had to add a whole secondary plot line just to puff it up. Broken Patterns was huge, though! It was over 800 pages long hand, double spaced.

Then I got fired from the shoe store, and my daughter was kidnapped by her paternal father from school. That’s when Broken Patterns saved my life. It was all I had to cling to while I was trying desperately to save my family.


In which everything had a happy ending. I spent a good amount of time cleaning up the novel before Woven, and started trying to submit it.

I spent seven months writing the second draft of Broken Patterns. I was so sick and tired of it after that I jumped into Starting Chains with both feet for NANO that year.

I did write 50,000 words in November, but that wasn’t half of that book. I threw the thing away halfway through and started from scratch twice. It took six months, total, to finish that draft, that spanned five composition notebooks.

In the meantime, my daughter came home, and I landed the best damn day job ever.


Most of 2015 was spent finishing Starting Chains, but when that was done I wrote the final draft of Broken Patterns. It was finished, for good (not really) in November. I put it away with a sigh, only to pull it back out to add a prologue and epilogue when I was finished with the second draft of Starting Chains and realized I’d need to foreshadow some of the things going on. The Final draft of Broken Patterns took me six months, then another three weeks for a final polish. When it was done, I jumped right into the second draft of Starting Chains. That took me into 2016.

My life was pretty awesome this year. Mostly I was still recovering from the two years before. I did get promoted at my day job. And, we moved into our first ever house! Our family also gained a member. Our dog, Oliver.


This year isn’t over yet, of course. But so far I’ve finished the second draft of Starting Chains, which took a total of five and a half months. I think it took less time than the first one because I threw it away twice during the rough draft process.

After that I wrote the rough draft for Missing Stitches. I am really apprehensive, because it seemed so easy to write it. Which probably means it’s predictable and boring as hell. All told, it took me three months.

Now I’m working on the final draft of Starting Chains, in the hopes of getting it done before I start on the rewrites for Broken Patterns. If it doesn’t take too long, I’ll start on draft two of Missing Stitches after that.

No estimated release date yet.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Series Outline

I realized that, while I’ve gone over most of my creative process, there’s one tool that I’ve designed over the last few years I’ve never talked about. It’s an essential tool, though, and one that I’d like to share with you today.

A series outline.

Why to make a series outline

You probably have an overlying plan for your series, unless you wrote one and then got another idea for the same characters. This happens, but I rarely think it’s as fun. One of the reasons why I loved Harry Potter and Hunger Games so much is that there is a plot, tight as a piano wire, through the series. It’s undeniable how a well plotted series sings.

A series outline is also a handy place to store ideas for future books that you don’t want to forget. We all think we’re going to remember our bolt from the blue ideas, but we don’t. Why do you think I’ve twice nearly been hit by a car while walking? I was trying to pull up literally any program on my tablet to get the idea down before I lost it.

How to make a series outline

What should go into your series outlines? I have two, and they look pretty much the same, despite how different my books are.

  • Who’s the main characer?
  • Where’s it going to be set?
  • Major plots.
  • Minor plots.
  • What series plots will be involved?
  • What happened in the books before that I need to wrap up in this one?
  • What do I need to foreshadow for future books?
  • Any other notes.

No, I don’t know all of that for every book I have planned. Start with what you have, other ideas will follow. For instance, I might know the major plot for a book, and who’s going to be in it. But I really won’t know what minor plot lines aren’t getting settled until I’m done with the book before it.

Don’t put it on paper, it will break your heart. You’re going to change, add to and take away from this document all the freaking time. If you try to put it on paper, you’re going to have a scratched out, scrambled mess. I use Evernote, of course, so that I can add to it and refer to it on the fly.

And I do add to it often. I get ideas as I’m writing, editing or just brushing my teeth that I don’t want to lose. I also take time after every draft to update it.

I also find some additional lists to be helpful additions.

  • Who’s still alive.
  • Where each character is, geographically.
  • Master list of series plot lines.

Nothing is set in stone

I’m sure the pantsers among you have dismissed this idea as a bad one. How is anything to be creative when it’s all so structured? Isn’t it nothing more than dictation if you already know what’s going to happen? What if a new idea strikes?

That’s why you have a delete key. If you’re looking over your notes, and something doesn’t fit anymore, take it out. If something strikes you as boring, your reader probably thinks it is, too. If you have a burst of inspiration that changes the whole structure of the series, just change it! That’s why we don’t write it on paper!

2016 Nano Shopping List

Sorry, guys, no short story this week. But I think you’ll be pleased with what I have for you.

Once again it’s time for my yearly Nanowrimo and Nanoedmo shopping list. “But Nicole,” I can hear you say, “Nanoedmo isn’t until March.” Or maybe you’re saying, “What the hell are you talking about?”

Well, last month, the awesome blogger Nicole J. Simms hosted a Nanoedmo in November, for all of us who can’t rough draft this month.

So, since this is the third year I’ve done this, I prepared two shopping lists for you, one for rough drafting and one for editing.

So, to participate in Nano, since I’ve already got everything on  this list, I’ll need…

  1. A subscription to Dropbox, to store your rough draft.
  2. A case of Coke. Coffee’s expensive, but you still need that caffine boost. Besides, it pairs better with rum. (Just kidding, don’t write drunk!)
  3. Dog treats, to distract Oliver.
  4. Desk yoga videos, so I can stay stretchy while not leaving my desk.
  5. One of those lower back support things for my chair. (I’m getting older, and my back’s been doing weird things.)
  6. Spam, because that is a quick meal anytime.
  7. A pound of unsalted butter and a big jar of coconut oil for bullet proof coffee.
  8. A brand new Moleskine for notes.
  9. An inspirational background for my computer. Or, an evil clown picture for my desktop, so that I want to keep Open Office open to hide it.
  10. A pomodoro timer, to keep me on track.

For editing, of course, we all have different needs. Here’s my editing list from last year, and here’s what I’ll be getting this year.

  1. Some tiger balm. (I told you my back was bothering me)
  2. A new canvas bag, because lugging around my laptop and manuscript has all but killed my old one.
  3. A gift card to my favorite coffee place, since I’m going to live there for a month.
  4. A Lindsay Stirling album. Violin music helps me focus.
  5. Some makeup removing wipes, since I’ll be pulling some long hours and won’t want to fully wash my face before crashing.
  6. New binder clips, because there’s a ton of pages, and organization may save what’s left of my mind.
  7. Wasabi peas. They are delicious and a filling snack.
  8. BB cream, mascara and lip balm. All the makeup I’m going to have time for this month.
  9. A big bottle of bubble bath for sore muscle soaking.
  10. And finally, a cheesecake to hide in my freezer for when I get in my 50 hours of editing in one month!

Good luck, everyone! Let us know how you’re doing, whatever challenge you’re participating in, so we can all cheer you on.

What can’t you write without? Let us know in the comments below.

A Review of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

Harry Potter fans, raise your replica wands!

This has been a pretty good year to be a Potter fan. At least, as good as it can be now that the series is done. But, we got a screenplay and a new movie, so we can’t complain too much.

Now, I haven’t seen Fantastical Beasts yet, (since it comes out in November) but I did read The Cursed Child. And I’m not going to lie, I had mixed feelings about it.

Here are some things you should know before you read it.

It is a play, not a novel.

If you pick this book up expecting it to be, well, a book, you’re going to be sadly disappointed. It’s a play, and this is a play script that you’re reading.

This is not a bad thing. I like reading plays, and in fact one of my favorite Steven King Stories, Storm of The Century, is a screenplay. Just don’t be expecting the flow of dialog and descriptions that we found in the books.

JK Rowling didn’t write it.

I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you that every writer has her own voice. I could write the same story as you, and it would be completely different. If you’ve read the books, you’ll recognize Rowling’s voice, and find that this play lacks it.

I don’t mean to disparage the writers of the play, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany. Their style is different, but good.

As of this writing, the edition available is the rehearsal edition.

And another edition is going to come out. I think it’s slanted for later this year, early next year. I don’t know how different it’s going to be. They might just want to clean some things up after the show was done. But be warned, it might come out and be completely different. It’s kind of like comic books. Just when you think you know something, a writer decides to ret-con a character and screw up your day.

I still loved it.

Even with all of that, I still loved this story. I wanted, like everyone did, to know what happened! What did everyone do after Hogwarts? I mean, we know that there are kids (poorly named kids) but that’s it! I wanted to know so much more. While Rowling has given us some of that, there was more to learn about. And I wanted something a little more official than fan fic. If that’s what you’re after, then The Cursed Child delivers.

Just know what you’re getting into.

A behind the Scenes Look at Seeming

This week was the last week for Seeming! Are you going to miss it? I’m sorry, I don’t even have a tentative release date for You Can’t Trust The AI, so I can’t even torture you with that. But it’s coming! In fact, there should be at least six S86 books eventually.

I’m getting ready to release Seeming as an E-book. This is actually the third e-book I’ve published, and my process has changed a lot. So have my tools. With that being the case, I wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at my process.


After I went through three drafts and a polish with this book, I put it through a new tool that I learned about recently. It’s called Grammarly, and it’s my new best friend. It’s an in depth grammar checker that caught a lot more that the grammar checker on Open Office. Now, I don’t have the paid version. The free version seems to be working just fine for me, to be honest. It basically just tucked my shirt in and combed my hair.

Cover art

I worked with an amazing artist, Jeremy McClimans to create the cover art for Seeming. He sent this cover to me, and I thought I was going to cry. I mean, look at it!

After creating the covers for my first two books and thinking, “Eh”, I’m so glad I hired a professional for this one.

Publishing tool

I switched up the software I used to create my e-book this time to Calibre. I won’t be going back. It was so easy to select fonts, set up the pages how I wanted them, establish the cover art. It was perfect. I would highly advise it if you’re going to self publish.


Actually, this one didn’t change. I’m using Gumroad and Tablo, just like I have for the other books. But how can I not? Gumroad allows me to set up coupons and is super easy to use. I can see how many people have looked at my books in a given week, which I like because I’m vain. And Tablo puts your book on the I Store, which is kind of a big deal.

Seeming, with an exclusive Episode 7 will be available on November 28. What’s in Episode 7? Well, I wonder why Godfrey hasn’t heard from his dad on Earth. Keep an eye out for pre order goodness.

My Current Favorite Things

Now that Broken Patterns is getting published, my life just got a shit ton more hectic. Not like it wasn’t bad enough, with holidays and getting two books self published by the end of the year. I’m going a little nuts, and cutting way back on some recreational activities I’ve been indulging in. In fairness, my recent recreational activities have been online shopping and watching makeup tutorials by twenty somethings that make me feel old and clumsy. So, no great loss there.

But my normal crazy scheduling and super productivity tips aren’t going to be enough. So, I’m evolving. Here’s a list of things that I’m trying to keep my sanity.

Bullet Proof Coffee

I know, I’m late to the game. But I was convinced that this was the dumbest thing I had ever heard of when it was first suggested to me that I drink coffee with butter and coconut oil in it.

*Then a blogger on Buzzfeed did it*, and was simply glowing about the results. So, I’m trying it. My recipe is the same as hers, with some alterations.

  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • Half and half that I don’t measure.
  • A dash of vanilla, because I’m prissy.
  • Two measurement cups (roughly) of Starbucks French Roast or Morning Joe coffee. But any coffee you like is fine. I’m just spoiled.

It’s been a week, and so far I can tell you that I feel pretty good. I feel like I’m getting a special treat every morning, so I’m a little more eager to get my ass out of bed. I don’t want to stop and get a shot in the dark at my local coffee shop, so I’m saving money. (Shot in the dark: a shot of espresso with a normal serving of coffee poured over it. Because I like my coffee infused with more coffee.) The best part? I’m full until lunch!


I participated in Melissa Cassera’s International Batch Day on September 29th. I know I’ve toyed around with the thought of batching, but I’ve fallen off the wagon. This was a great reminder of what I can do when I dedicate myself for a whole day. I know, a lot of you don’t have that luxury, but even an hour of committed time to one project can help.

Honestly, I’ve gotten myself so accustomed to doing just a little on each project every day. This was a great chance to break that cycle. I’m back to scheduling weekly batch days. If I’ve got multiple projects that need my attention, I’ll break the day up, but I try to commit no less than an hour to each. That’s no email, no interruptions time. This is so much easier now that the kids are back in school.

I cut out half of the blogs that I read

I realized that it was getting to the point that I didn’t even want to open Feedly. I’d followed so many blogs that were just not delivering information that I wanted or needed. They weren’t entertaining, they were boring. And I was sifting through these to get to the posts that I wanted to read, often missing good content!

So I cut waaaay back. Here’s a list of the blogs I’m currently subscribed to.

  • BoHo Berry
  • Marketing Creatively
  • Melissa Cassera
  • ByRegina
  • The Middle Finger Project
  • Zen Pencils
  • TipsyWriter

Do you see a theme? These are all dynamic, amazing ladies that kick ass and live to inspire others.

I’m watching two shows, and that’s a last priority

Really, I used to watch too much tv. I’m down to AHS and Ray Donovan at this point. This doesn’t count marathoning The Simpsons while we’re making dinner and tidying up the house, but that’s more background noise than anything.

I’m taking a yoga class

We finally got a membership to our local Y, and I am taking full advantage. It helps that I walk pas the Y to go home. So, we’ve been swimming once or twice a week, I’ve been stopping to use the gym at least once a week after work. Best of all, I started attending a weekly yoga class. I’ve got all the elasticity of a hammer, and I’m about as balanced as a bowling ball on the head of a pin, but I’m learning!

I bought a toner, and a BB cream

I realized that, as much as I love my makeup, it was eating up a lot of my morning. Applying primer, foundation, concealer and setting powder will do that. So I bought a BB cream for mornings when I need to get shit done. Which is pretty much every morning.

I also started using a toner, which saves me through the day. It closes my pores, so the makeup I put on doesn’t get a change to set into them, requiring me to add more concealer through the day. It’s the little things, sometimes.

I made a makeup crash kit.

Also makeup related, I decided that I needed a crash kit. This is the no brainer makeup. The things that require no skill, but do make me look like I tried. Now, I’m not a beauty blogger, but I will share what I’m using. Keep in mind that this is what I like for my face. You might need something totally different in your crash kit. You might also have better things to spend your money on than a $23 dollar mascara.

  • Too Faced Better than Sex mascara
  • BB Cream. Right now I’m using one by Rimmel, but it’s too dark for my skin when it’s not tan.
  • Rimmel Brow This Way.
  • Nyx Super Skinny Eye Marker
  • Nyx soft Matte lip cream, in Stockholm or Cannes
  • Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray

Everything on that list, except the lipstick, lasts all day. So I can put this on, and know I look put together no matter what’s going on. It’s superficial, but it makes me feel better.

I’m getting up at the same time every day, which is 6:00

Yes, even on days I don’t have to go to the day job. It blows, but it means I have a whole day to write on my days off. It also means that I don’t dread going back to work as much. I like my day job, so the only thing I really dreaded was getting up at my appointed time. This neutralizes it.

I don’t know how much of this is going to stick, but it’s what I’m doing right now. I’ll keep you posted.

Are you trying anything new? Let us know in the comments below.

A Tale of Two Stories

I have a bad habit of confusing my friends when I talk about my writing. Part of it is that I talk in terms of drafts and parts. I might say, “I’m almost done with the first part of the second draft of the third book!” They just nod encouragingly and say, “That’s great, congratulations!” They have no idea what the hell I’m talking about. I need more crazy friends who understand me.

The other reason why this is insanely confusing for them is because I write two series. Why? Because I’m an idiot. No, actually it’s because I get bored with writing one thing, and it helps me to have a different project to jump to if I need a break. I also like having one traditionally published, and self publishing one.

These are two completely different animals. Woven is a series about a world full of magic and dragons. Enemies are faced, people find themselves during adventures. Love abounds. It’s a true swords and sorcery kind of epic fantasy novel that is being traditionally published.

Station 86 is about a police officer and a cook in space. It’s full of mystery and murderers. It’s got aliens and awesome new technology. I had to start reading Wired to write this. It’s a space opera, novella that I’m self publishing.

I’m eclectic. I’m also a Gemini, so maybe that’s it.

Writing two series can be confusing, though. Here’s what I do to juggle them.

Play lists

I have talked about the magic of playlists before, and I hold this to be true. I have a morning play list, and an inspirational play list. But I lean heavily on Pandora, too. I’ve got a custom channel for both of my series. In case you’re interested, Woven is heavy on Lindsay Sterling and TSO. Anything heavy metal, but also classic. Instrumentals are a must. There’s nothing better when writing about a cold, frigid land to hear a kick ass violinist. Station 86 seems to benefit from Orgy and Limp Bizkit.

The real magic in this, for me, is to not play that station unless I’m working on Woven or Station 86. It’s a way to trick my brain, or tell it that it’s time to write.


This doesn’t require a lot of explanation. I write in Times New Roman for Woven, and Calibri for Station 86. It looks different, and it makes me feel different. These aren’t even the fonts they’ll end up as, they’re just what I write them in.

Chapter headings

Again, this is just a stylistic difference that reminds me that I’m writing two very different things. Again, its nothing that anyone’s ever going to see unless they’re snooping on my notes. But I write the chapter headings different.

I highly advise writing two series. It helps keep things fresh. Hopefully these tips will help keep things organized in your mind.

Check Out Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Hey, guys. I had to do an extra piece today to introduce you to an awesome fellow writer who’s new book is coming out today!

Here’s what the author, Debbie De Louise has to say about it.

Welcome to book two of the Cobble Cove cozy mystery series.


If you had the chance to read A Stone’s Throw, you came to know widowed librarian, Alicia, and followed her through the mystery that brought her to Cobble Cove and her meeting with John, the town’s newspaper publisher. In Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Alicia is faced with several new mysteries and one that is particularly close to home.

This new story features the main characters from book #1 and introduces new Cobble Cove residents.

Librarian Alicia McKinney has put the past behind her…

Two years ago, Alicia discovered both a terrible truth and lasting love with John McKinney in the small town of Cobble Cove, New York. Now a busy mother of twin babies and co-author of a mystery series, Alicia couldn’t be happier.

Alicia’s contentment and safety are challenged…

Walking home alone from the library, Alicia senses someone following her, and on more than one occasion, she believes she is being watched. Does she have a stalker? When the local gift shop is burglarized, the troubling event causes unrest among Alicia and the residents of the quiet town.

John and Alicia receive an offer they can’t refuse…

When John’s sister offers to babysit while she and John take a much-needed vacation in New York City, Alicia is reluctant to leave her children because of the disturbances in Cobble Cove. John assures her the town is safe in the hands of Sheriff-elect Ramsay. Although Alicia’s experience with and dislike of the former Long Island detective don’t alleviate her concern, she and John take their trip.

Alicia faces her worst nightmare…

The McKinneys’ vacation is cut short when they learn their babies have been kidnapped and John’s sister shot. Alicia and John’s situation puts them between a rock and a hard place when the main suspect is found dead before the ransom is paid. In order to save their children, the McKinneys race against the clock to solve a mystery more puzzling than those found in their own books. Can they do it before time runs out?

About the Author:

Debbie De Louise is a reference librarian at a public library on Long Island and has been involved with books and writing for over thirty years. She received the Lawrence C. Lobaugh, jr. Memorial Award in Journalism for her work as Features Editor on the Long Island University/C. W. Post student newspaper, the Pioneer. More recently, Debbie received the Glamour Puss Award from Hartz Corporation for an article about cat grooming that appeared on She has published a short mystery in the Cat Crimes Through Time Anthology and two novels, CLOUDY RAINBOW and A STONE’S THROW, the first book of her Cobble Cove cozy mystery series. Her short stories, THE PATH TO RAINBOW BRIDGE and DEADLINE appear in the anthologies, REALMS OF FANTASTIC STORIES and PROJECT 9, Vol. 2 published by Solstice Publishing. She is currently working on a psychological thriller, the third Cobble Cove Mystery, and a new pet-related cozy series. She lives on Long Island with her husband, daughter, and two cats.


If you’re interested in learning more about the author, here’s some links for you to find her.





Amazon Author Page:

Website/Blog/Newsletter Sign-Up:

A review of American Horror Story, Roanoke

I feel like I should do something peppy after talking about the Vietnam war last week. Instead, though, I’m going to review the first few weeks of American Horror Story, My Roanoke Nightmare. It is October after all. There’s no better time for a horror story.

Spoiler Warning! Do not proceed if you don’t want me to ruin something for you From Episode 1 and 2.

Full disclosure, I haven’t seen a single other season of this show. I honestly don’t know why. This seems like the kind of thing I would be on like a deep fried bacon sandwich. But somehow, I never sat down at watched them. I don’t even know why I decided to watch this season. No, that’s a lie. I was marathoning The Simpsons on FXX and there was a commercial for it every five seconds. I’m not complaining, though. I couldn’t be happier that I started watching it when I did.

I was overjoyed about this year’s story. For those of you who don’t know, it’s ‘My Roanoke Nightmare’. The story is about a couple, Shelby and Matt , who moves away from the city after they are attacked during a gang initiation. They move into a huge, stunning house old farm house. But they run into some trouble almost at once, when a redneck family warns them not to buy the house. The couple assumes that it’s just because they’re a bi-racial couple. As Matt says at one point, it is the south.

Nearly every day, the couple finds themselves harassed by a crazy cult living in the woods. Shelby nearly hits one of them with her car, she’s almost drowned in their hot tub. Someone breaks into the house and hands hundreds of little twig symbols. (Personal guess, I think they’re trying to protect Shelby and Matt. But that’s just a guess from me.)

Since Matt is a traveling salesman (pharmaceutical sales. I’m a huge Psych fan, and I was highly amused by this,) they ask his sister Lee to come stay with them. This is great timing for Lee, since she’s going through a messy divorce after a pill addiction.

In the second episode we’re introduced to Lee’s daughter, Flora. She is the cutest little girl ever, and of course everyone instantly falls in love with her. Needless to say, terrible things are going to happen to that child. The end of the second episode was the sight of her jacket hanging from the top of a tree, so I’ll be highly surprised if the kid makes it out of this alive.

We also find out the horrific back story of the house, with the two evil nurses killing people for no reason other than the first letters of their first names. It’s so skin crawling to think that they’re just the first layer of what’s going on in this house.

I love this ‘dramatic reenactment’ theme they’re going for. They’ve got relatively unknown actors (at least I’ve never heard of them) playing Shelby, Matt and Lee in sort of an interview setting. Then, they’ve got the better known actors, Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jr and Angela Bassett playing the characters as they go through the story. I have to say, Cuba is doing an amazing job. I’ve only seen him in comedic rolls so far, so this is a dramatic and pleasant surprise.

Finally, I just have to gush about the artwork on this house a little. It is so freaking pretty! I think I’d actually live there, even with the evil spirits.

If you get a chance, it’s on Wednesday nights at 10:00 on FX.

I’d love to hear what you think about AHS! Did I miss the best season? What do you think of My Roanoke Nightmare? Let us know in the comments below.

Seventeen Years

This is 17 years in the making.

I hit a low point recently with Woven. I’ve written three books in the series, and I felt like I was spinning my wheels. I love the story, love the characters and love what I have planned for it.

But I felt like it was going nowhere.

Then I got two crappy offers on it, from vanity presses disguised as legitimate publishing companies. I won’t share their names here, I’ll just highly caution all of you to check Predators and Editors before taking any offer.

As much as I try not to let things like that bother me, these ‘offers’ hit me real hard for some reason. And I know, it’s part of the process. And I know how many rejection letters J.K got, I wish people would damn well stop telling me!

That’s where I was, hating on myself, hating on my work. But I kept at it, figuring that I wasn’t getting published either way, might as well keep trying.

I sent out some submissions, and got some rejections.

Then, I opened an email from a publisher that I was sure was going to reject me. I was already planning on just checking the name off and finding somewhere else, just another chore on a Monday.

But it wasn’t a rejection letter. I just signed a contract for Broken Patterns!

It’s official, Broken Patterns is finally going to be published! I can’t help but think back to the day that Devon was born, sitting in Diamond Park and praying. I feel like that prayer, more than almost any other prayer, was heard. It was like God said, “You put the work in, and we’ll get this one out there.”

This is the start of a long journey. I won’t be quitting PBW, I love you guys way too much. I won’t be quitting my day job for quite awhile, I’m sure. But the thing that I’ve been fighting for, struggling for, working for is finally starting to happen!

This is 17 years in the making. And it’s only the beginning.

A Website.

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