2016 Nano Shopping List

Sorry, guys, no short story this week. But I think you’ll be pleased with what I have for you.

Once again it’s time for my yearly Nanowrimo and Nanoedmo shopping list. “But Nicole,” I can hear you say, “Nanoedmo isn’t until March.” Or maybe you’re saying, “What the hell are you talking about?”

Well, last month, the awesome blogger Nicole J. Simms hosted a Nanoedmo in November, for all of us who can’t rough draft this month.

So, since this is the third year I’ve done this, I prepared two shopping lists for you, one for rough drafting and one for editing.

So, to participate in Nano, since I’ve already got everything on  this list, I’ll need…

  1. A subscription to Dropbox, to store your rough draft.
  2. A case of Coke. Coffee’s expensive, but you still need that caffine boost. Besides, it pairs better with rum. (Just kidding, don’t write drunk!)
  3. Dog treats, to distract Oliver.
  4. Desk yoga videos, so I can stay stretchy while not leaving my desk.
  5. One of those lower back support things for my chair. (I’m getting older, and my back’s been doing weird things.)
  6. Spam, because that is a quick meal anytime.
  7. A pound of unsalted butter and a big jar of coconut oil for bullet proof coffee.
  8. A brand new Moleskine for notes.
  9. An inspirational background for my computer. Or, an evil clown picture for my desktop, so that I want to keep Open Office open to hide it.
  10. A pomodoro timer, to keep me on track.

For editing, of course, we all have different needs. Here’s my editing list from last year, and here’s what I’ll be getting this year.

  1. Some tiger balm. (I told you my back was bothering me)
  2. A new canvas bag, because lugging around my laptop and manuscript has all but killed my old one.
  3. A gift card to my favorite coffee place, since I’m going to live there for a month.
  4. A Lindsay Stirling album. Violin music helps me focus.
  5. Some makeup removing wipes, since I’ll be pulling some long hours and won’t want to fully wash my face before crashing.
  6. New binder clips, because there’s a ton of pages, and organization may save what’s left of my mind.
  7. Wasabi peas. They are delicious and a filling snack.
  8. BB cream, mascara and lip balm. All the makeup I’m going to have time for this month.
  9. A big bottle of bubble bath for sore muscle soaking.
  10. And finally, a cheesecake to hide in my freezer for when I get in my 50 hours of editing in one month!

Good luck, everyone! Let us know how you’re doing, whatever challenge you’re participating in, so we can all cheer you on.

What can’t you write without? Let us know in the comments below.


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