Fantasy fans in the 21st century

Today’s cover art is from Free-Photos Speculative fiction has been seeing a lot of love over the last decade. I’ve lost count of the number of cult classic books and modern loves that I was sure I alone knew about, that are now considered mainstream works. Fantasy and science fiction, in particular, has been goingContinue reading “Fantasy fans in the 21st century”

Things we don’t talk about in Fantasy books, and how to do it right.

Cover art thanks to Pixabay. Thank you, Pixabay. When I was a kid, I read just about every book that Beverly Cleary ever wrote. Especially the Ramona books. Ramona was my girl. I would love a story about Ramona as an adult.  One story that stuck with me was Ramona and her little kindergarten classContinue reading “Things we don’t talk about in Fantasy books, and how to do it right.”

Tolkien Already Did That

Fantasy is the oldest recorded genre. We, as fantasy writers, are part of a great brother/sisterhood that dates back to the first ever recorded story, Beowulf. Centuries of Fantasy writers stand behind us. This means that everything’s been done already, mostly by Tolkien. This is terrible! How are we ever to say anything original whenContinue reading “Tolkien Already Did That”

God Bless the Fantasy Fans

I speak about fantasy fans from two points of view. On the one hand, I write fantasy, and some of the Annie Wilkes level stories frighten me. But I’m also a fantasy fan, and if I ever get to meet Tamora Pierce I might embarrass myself. So when I say that fantasy fans are theContinue reading “God Bless the Fantasy Fans”

Fantasy is in the details

Let’s assume you already agree with me when I say that writing good fantasy relies heavily on world building. I mean, would the Harry Potter series be half so amazing if the world built around the story wasn’t as detailed as it is? I don’t think so, and I don’t think I’m the only oneContinue reading “Fantasy is in the details”

Market- Caladria’s Fantasy Short Story Competition

This market is due at the end of next month, so hop on it if you’re interested.  This is a cool premise.  The stories have to be about the fictional world of Caladria, and it has to fit one of the three themes listed on the submission guidelines. Genre- Fantasy Word Count- 1,500-3,000 Submission Date-Continue reading “Market- Caladria’s Fantasy Short Story Competition”

Market- Pod Castle

Filling out the ‘Pod’ trilogy of great places to send submissions, this week we’ll be looking at Podcastle. This is a fantasy market, and one that I am very eager to send things to, since Fantasy is sort of what my main focus is. You know, with that fantasy series I’ve been working on forContinue reading “Market- Pod Castle”