After Three Years of Writing Woven

I’m writing this on July 20th. So while you’re reading it, somewhere down the line, this day has passed. But today, July 20th, is a very important day to me. As of today, I’ve been working on my book series, Woven, for three entire years. Three years, three books (including the one that I’m workingContinue reading “After Three Years of Writing Woven”

Some Thoughts On Episode VII, Mostly Rhea

It’s been months since I’ve seen Star Wars, Episode VII, and I’m still not done being amazed by how brilliant it was. The special effects were superb, the character development made sense. (Even if some of it made me cry like a fool in the theater.) There were several moments that just made me nerdContinue reading “Some Thoughts On Episode VII, Mostly Rhea”