It’s time to talk about shootings again.

Been awhile since we talked about shootings. It hasn’t been a while since we had one, but it has been a while since we talked about it. Seems like, since Pittsburgh was a recent target, I’d go ahead and bring it up again. Because that’s my city, and I’m pissed off. Full disclosure, I don’tContinue reading “It’s time to talk about shootings again.”

2018 Gift Guide for readers and writers

It’s that time again. Time to start getting Christmas gifts for the people you love. Or maybe just like. Writers and readers aren’t too hard to shop for. I’m lying, we’re horribly to shop for. The problem is that every reader has a list of books in our heads that we want to read, andContinue reading “2018 Gift Guide for readers and writers”

Get Twelve Christmas Stories today!

Merry Christmas! It’s finally the Christmas season, and I’m spending the day writing my Christmas cards and baking things. I’m also celebrating the launch of my last book of 2018, Twelve Little Christmas Stories. Twelve Little Christmas Tales includes a blend of terror and treat, magic and maniacal. In it, you will find a womanContinue reading “Get Twelve Christmas Stories today!”

I’m a Hufflepuff, if you’re wondering

Alright, so we all know I’m a huge nerd, right? Like super huge. Okay, so now that we’ve got that settled, what I’m about to say next shouldn’t shock anyone. So, I was on the official Harry Potter website a few months ago, and I decided to take the quiz to see what my HogwartsContinue reading “I’m a Hufflepuff, if you’re wondering”

You can pick one of these

My husband loves The Office. I’m lukewarm on it, to be honest. It’s good, but it’s not my favorite. Even so, there are some scenes that just strike me. They’re hilarious, or meaningful, or just really, absolutely true. One such scene takes place in an episode where two characters, Phyllis and Angela, are planning anContinue reading “You can pick one of these”

Writing lives that aren’t our own

Here are some things you probably know about me. I’m a white straight woman. Christian, too. And while it’s kind of a weird version (Unitarian), it’s still part of the religion that pretty much designed the calendar here in America. My characters don’t look like me. In Woven, two of the main characters are men,Continue reading “Writing lives that aren’t our own”

Announcing Twelve Little Christmas Stories

I’m super excited to announce today that I have one more book launch this year. Christmas is a great time of year for stories. Sweet stories that remind us of miracles and magic. Frightening stories that make us cuddle together in the cold of winter. Stories that make us feel like children again. Twelve LittleContinue reading “Announcing Twelve Little Christmas Stories”

You Can’t Trust The AI is now on Smashwords!

Okay, so it’s the third day of Nanowrimo so I’m sure that either A. you’re pumped to get started or B. you already wish all of us doing Nano would shut the hell up about it. So either way, I’ll be quick today. I just wanted to let you know that You Can’t Trust TheContinue reading “You Can’t Trust The AI is now on Smashwords!”