Get Twelve Christmas Stories today!

Merry Christmas!

It’s finally the Christmas season, and I’m spending the day writing my Christmas cards and baking things.

I’m also celebrating the launch of my last book of 2018, Twelve Little Christmas Stories.

Twelve Little Christmas Tales includes a blend of terror and treat, magic and maniacal. In it, you will find a woman who receives an unwanted group of carolers, a young witch looking after her little brother, and a girl who gets a new coat on Christmas Eve that leads her to an amazing discovery.

Also, for Woven fans, there’s a story about Lenore’s friend Emily and her little boy Todd.

Do you love Station 86? Ever wonder how Sennett and Godfrey spend Christmas on the station? In this book, you will find Sennett’s first Christmas without her mom.

Get it now on Amazon or Smashwords.

I hope your holidays are full of wonder, joy, and family. And I hope you take some time to relax with a cup of something hot and wonderful and a great story.

I also want to let you know that the entire Station 86 series will be on sale this weekend. Seeming is free, it’s always free. But You Can’t Trust The AI and Virus will both be 99 cents until Monday on both Amazon and Smashwords. And the paperback will be on sale for just $5.00. You know, if you’re looking for a good Christmas gift.

If you get a chance, hit me up on social media and share a picture of you reading next to your holiday decorations. I’d love to see what you’re all reading this time of year.


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