The many things that changed while writing Woven

I’ve been writing Woven for a long, long time now. At least, it feels like a long time. I started writing it in July of 2014. And I’ve talked often about how much I’ve changed over the course of the last four and a half years. Like, a lot a lot. What I haven’t talkedContinue reading “The many things that changed while writing Woven”

Missing Stitches preview, Chapter three

Chapter Three Victor looked down at his breakfast plate. There sat three soft-boiled eggs, sausage, toast with honey and butter. There was a hot cup of rich tea steaming next to his plate. There had been a time, when he was a poor boy growing up in Montelair, that a meal like this would haveContinue reading “Missing Stitches preview, Chapter three”

Missing Stitches preview, Chapter Two

Chapter Two Devon leaned over the railing of his ship, the StarS Cobra, watching as the afternoon sun and the Great Gate of Septa drew closer. The wind blew through his dark curly hair, chilling his face. He’d forgotten how cold it could be outside of the desert. The skies were cloudy, and the watersContinue reading “Missing Stitches preview, Chapter Two”

Missing Stitches preview, chapter one

Prologue Since, the moment that these creeping things started to crawl upon their earth, I have hated them. Slow, stupid, bumbling things. Always at war with each other, always hating their own kind for the shallowest of reasons. Even the ones directly touched by their Creator are gray, drab things. My own children would haveContinue reading “Missing Stitches preview, chapter one”

The best characters who look human (but aren’t)

Spoiler warning for Strange the Dreamer! Some of my favorite characters in fantasy and science fiction are the ones that appear human. Characters that you might pass on the street without another thought. The ones that look just like all the other people. But they’re not. For this list, I’ve included eight of my favoriteContinue reading “The best characters who look human (but aren’t)”