The Most Popular Posts of 2017

Every year, my last blog post is a review of the most popular blog posts of the last 12 months. I’m not the only blogger who does this, to be sure. I love reading everyone else’s roundups, though, so I hope you enjoy reading mine. I also love checking out what you, my beloved readers,Continue reading “The Most Popular Posts of 2017”

The Ghost In The Christmas Tree

Ghosts can’t be said to sleep, but Bianca was trying to one cold December morning. It was really just existing in the tree that was her home without moving around or attempting to interact with anything. It was just meditating, to be honest. Whatever you wanted to call it, that’s what Bianca was doing whenContinue reading “The Ghost In The Christmas Tree”

Family, A Station 86 Christmas Story

This Christmas story takes place on Station 86, during the December in between Seeming and You Can’t Trust The AI. Godfrey and Ki are planning on celebrating the season with Sennett, April and Mason by enjoying Christmas Eve dinner together. But Sennett, who’s just lost her mother, is not quite in the Christmas spirit. “DamnContinue reading “Family, A Station 86 Christmas Story”

The Christmas Birthday

“Dinner’s ready,” Liza called, turning the stove off. She heard her little brother, Bruce, running from the living room as she started ladling servings of beef stew and mashed potatoes onto plates. Bruce, ten years old and three years Liza’s junior, careened into a seat at the kitchen table, looking at her expectantly. His faceContinue reading “The Christmas Birthday”