Changes in The Last Two Years

We’re coming up fast on the two year anniversary of Paper Beats World. It’s amazing to think I’ve stuck with it that long, but I have. I’ve got to say, I’m pretty impressed with me. If you knew my history, you’d be pretty impressed with me, too. Of course, it probably helps that PBW isContinue reading “Changes in The Last Two Years”

Submitting To Independent Publishers

I’ve been trying to find an agent for Broken Patterns since November. I understand that this is going to take some time. In fact, I planned on it taking up to three years. But I recently started a new strategy. I’m still sending to agents, but I’m also actively looking for independent publishers that areContinue reading “Submitting To Independent Publishers”

That One House In The Neighbor

Todd thought that it was a good thing when Roxie needed walked while he was working. There was only so much staring at a computer screen and calling himself a moron that he could take at one time. So when the little boxer started scratching at the front door, he hurried to save his work,Continue reading “That One House In The Neighbor”

A Review of Bojack Horseman, Season 3

Partial spoiler alert, but no more than what you’d get by reading the episode descriptions. The only downside of having access to a whole season of a show that I love is that I will watch all of it as quickly as possible, and then I have to wait almost a whole year for theContinue reading “A Review of Bojack Horseman, Season 3”