Secret Project Reveal!

I’ve been talking about it since January, and you all have been very patient. Finally, today, I’m ready to reveal my secret project.

I’ve written a science fiction novella, and I’m going to publish it here on Paper Beats World for all of you.

This will be the first of a series, of course, because I can’t ever just write ‘a’ book. The series is called Station 86. The first story, which will begin on September 14th, will be called Seeming.

If you just can’t wait, and as a special birthday present to all of you, I’ve included a spoiler below.

By the way, if you want to enter to win a free copy of either Days, and Other Stories or 30 Days, 30 Ideas, here’s three ways to enter.

  1. Comment on this post. Anything will do.
  2. Go to Facebook, and watch for my post today asking for comments.
  3. Go to Twitter, and watch for my tweet today asking for comments.

Good luck!

And now, meet Sennett.

The transit wasn’t as busy as most mornings. Sennett managed to find a seat, and settled in to nibble on her breakfast and try to distract herself with her news feed. It didn’t work, but it gave her somewhere to look besides into the frightened faces of her fellow passengers.

An older man sat down next to her. “Ma’am?” he asked, “Excuse me, Ma’am?”

“Help you?” Sennett asked, looking up.

“You’re a peace officer, right?” he asked.

“That’s what my badge says,” Sennett said.

“Right,” he said, “Do you know anything? About what’s going on, I mean.”

“Only what everyone else knows,” she said, taking a bite of her hatsu.

“Oh, okay. So, um, should we be worried? I mean, do we know who attacked the councilwoman?”

Sennett sighed. “Sir, we live in a great big station hanging in the middle of space. On that station, every day, we hunt down thieves, loan sharks, killers and your garden variety asshole who just wants to get drunk and punch someone. The only difference today is that the person who was killed was someone we all know. So, I think, we shouldn’t be anymore worried today than we are any other day.”

“Oh,” the man said. He got up to find another seat.

Join Sennett, Godfrey and Station 86 on September 14 for Episode One of Seeming.


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