Calling all writers and artists to support BLM

Today’s cover art is from Pexels. I’m looking for authors, musicians and visual artists to help me out with something.  The Black Lives Matter movement is doing the good work we need to see in the world right now. They’re organizing peaceful protests and standing up for all of us. No one should be afraidContinue reading “Calling all writers and artists to support BLM”

Don’t forget when this is over

Normal is a foreign concept to me now. It’s been that way for a few years. Every so often something happens that is so jarring, so completely life-altering that the world can only be seen as different forever afterward. Several moments in my personal life have been this way. Some for the better, some forContinue reading “Don’t forget when this is over”

Bad writing in good books

Today’s image is from Eli Digital Creative Let’s talk a little bit about good books. Books that you just sit down and devour. Books you can’t stop loving, can’t stop reading and can’t wait for the sequel to come out.  There are lots of these books, thank goodness. My world would be a much differentContinue reading “Bad writing in good books”

Four reasons you don’t have to be on all of social media

Today’s wonderful cover art is by Gerd Altmann. I hope you’re seeing this post right now. I mean, I always hope you see my posts. I’m a vain introvert. So I want you to see my work, but not talk to me about it IRL. But if you often find my posts on Facebook orContinue reading “Four reasons you don’t have to be on all of social media”