Why Shitt’s Creek works

Normally I stick to speculative fiction on this site. But frankly, I think everyone needs a feel-good show right now. And since I just watched all of Shitts Creek in the span of like, a week, I wanted to bring it to your attention.

I didn’t watch this show as it was coming out. I was barely aware it existed. But, being at home more than ever we were running out of shows to watch. So we thought we’d just check out the first episode, see what it’s about.

And we were hooked from there.

So let’s break it down. Let’s talk about why this show was so good. And why I hope to see a lot more like it.

Let’s start, as always, with the characters. Every character on the show is lovable. But Davidalso sort of awful. Let’s take David, my favorite character, as an example. He’s self-centered, obsessed with material goods and has the weirdest fashion sense I have ever seen. When in a relationship he’s weirdly distant and clingy at the same time.

He’s also a really good big brother. While Alexis has been running all around the world and getting herself into all sorts of trouble, he’s been at the ready to help her. He’s still there for her, even if he’s there in the most acidic way possible. 

David also has a head for business. He’s smart, good with numbers, and understands what people want. 

If a character is too good, we can’t stand them. It’s unrealistic. And it sort of makes us hate ourselves a little by comparison. But if a character is too bad, we don’t like them. I don’t like watching someone be cruel to others and mess their life up time and time again. A blend of good and bad is entertaining, comforting and realistic. If we can see that other people are flawed but still good, then we can allow ourselves to be as well.

Most of the shows I watch are kind of horrible. Rick and Morty, Dead Like Me, Angel, The StevieOrville. Bad things happen, characters have real falls from grace. People get addicted, divorced, maimed, fired, lose their kids, go to jail, get beaten half to death, or the whole way.

Nothing really bad ever happens on Schitt’s Creek. Yes, there is tension. Yes, there are problems. But nothing that is emotionally scarring. And right now, when there are so many awful things going on, that’s a comfort.

However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t growth and change. It’s hard to see if you just go episode by episode. But, in the same way we change without really noticing, the characters do too. The care they feel for each other and the town deepens. Their concern for other people widens. They open themselves up to loving others. They learn the value of earning what they have, which they’ve never had to do before. By the end, they’re still themselves. But they’re better, deeper people too.

So what do you think? Have you watched Schitt’s Creek? What other feel-good shows would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!


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