Using Flylady tips to help your writing

Hi, my name is Nicole, and I am a Fly Baby. If you don’t know what that means, you haven’t been introduced to the Flylady. And I want to introduce you to her today if you’ve never met her. I’m sure that you’ve read about me using the Flylady’s habits to keep my home inContinue reading “Using Flylady tips to help your writing”

Making specialty coffees at home

Coffee is awesome. It’s delicious, gives you a boost of energy and is good for you in moderate doses. An excessive amount is bad, but an excessive amount of anything is bad. Did you know you could poison yourself with water? True story. I really love a good cup of coffee. While I will drinkContinue reading “Making specialty coffees at home”

What I learned from school that had nothing to do with my lessons.

I recently talked about how much I hated school as a child and teenager. I stand by that. In fact, I cyber school my kids because I didn’t think they needed to go through that shit. Looking back though, I realized that I learned a ton of things that had nothing to do with theContinue reading “What I learned from school that had nothing to do with my lessons.”