B2B Cycon, 2018

Hey, guys. Bonus post time!

I just wanted to let you all know that the Brains 2 Book Cycon is scheduled and ready to roll! You know what I love? Conventions. You know what I love more? Conventions I don’t have to leave my house for.

I’ll be participating in the con in a few different ways. Here’s where you can find me.

Just Read- The first chapter of Broken Patterns will be available, as will the first episode of Seeming. If you’ve been curious about either one of my series but not yet ready to shell out the cash for the book, this is the place to start.

Cover Wars- I submitted the cover for You Can’t Trust The AI in the cover wars! Please go vote for it.

Book Expo- I have two booths in the book expo. One for Station 86 and one for Woven.

My e-books will all have special discount prices. I’ll probably have some other fancy stuff and events going on, so stay tuned.

Here’s a link to get signed up.



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