Filling My Own Cup This Winter

I have depression and anxiety. You know that if you’ve read PBW for very long, I’m not shy about it. Winter isn’t great for me. December is full of anxiety triggers like crammed stores and social obligations. January’s not so bad, it’s just harder to do really anything at all. I’m often walking to andContinue reading “Filling My Own Cup This Winter”

Instagram for Writers

We’re wrapping up our social media overview today, with a look at Instagram. If you missed the posts about Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, please click on the links there. I just started using Instagram a few months ago. Full disclosure, I started using it completely personally with no intention to use it for my writing.Continue reading “Instagram for Writers”

Pinterest For Writers

This month I’ve been going over some basic information about different social media platforms and how writers can use them. So far we’ve done Facebook and Twitter. Now we’re doing my personal favorite social media platform, Pinterest. Before you laugh, Pinterest is the fourth highest referrer to Paper Beats World. I personally scan through itContinue reading “Pinterest For Writers”

An Interview with Debbie De Louise

Hey, guys. I had the opportunity to interview Debbie De Louise, author of Between A Rock And A Hard Place.   Tell us about your book.   Between a Rock and a Hard Place is the second book in my Cobble Cove cozy mystery series. It takes place in upstate, New York in the fictionalContinue reading “An Interview with Debbie De Louise”

CJ’s Guest Blogger: Nicole Luttrell

Check out the guest blog post I did over at CJ Warrant’s blog!   Hey Folks! I know it’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve been nose deep into writing and editing my next three books. Now enough of me. For the next several weeks, I’ll be hav… Source: CJ’s Guest Blogger: NicoleContinue reading “CJ’s Guest Blogger: Nicole Luttrell”

Twitter for Writers

Last week we talked about using Facebook for writers. This week, we’re going to dive into Twitter. Full disclosure, I actually kind of love Twitter. I use it personally, not just professionally. I keep up with my friends, favorite celebrities, fellow writers and a few news resources. It’s amazing what can be shared in 144Continue reading “Twitter for Writers”