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This month I’ve been going over some basic information about different social media platforms and how writers can use them. So far we’ve done Facebook and Twitter. Now we’re doing my personal favorite social media platform, Pinterest.

Before you laugh, Pinterest is the fourth highest referrer to Paper Beats World. I personally scan through it once or twice a day. I use it to look up all sorts of information. In fact, anytime I need to learn to do something, I start there.

The great thing about Pinterest is that it is really easy to use. If you find an article or image that you want to share, just hover over it. Most sites have built in Pin This buttons. So all you have to do is hover over an image. Then you can pin the image to your board. You can have as many boards as you want. You can even have private boards.

Here are the ways I use Pinterest for my writing.

Inspiration pages

If I see an image or read an article that inspires me, I’ll pin it. I have a Pinterest page for each of the countries in Woven, as well as a page called “Future Book Inspiration.” It’s my favorite page.

I’ll sometimes pull up my inspiration boards when I’m stuck on a scene. It helps me picture where my characters are.

Your Pinterest page

Of course, I pin every single one of my blog posts to my Paper Beats World board. That’s just a given. But I also search out pins that relate to Paper Beats World, and pin those to my boards as well. That way it’s not just all me all the time. And, of course, an active board full of useful information is more likely to get subscribed to than one that only has one new pin twice a week.

Promoted pins

I’ve never done a promoted pin, but I sure see enough of them. Mostly they’re from major companies, but anyone can get one and they’re not that expensive. Essentially, a promoted pin works the same way as a boosted post on Facebook. You can chose a demographic, and Pinterest will show your pin to people who might be interested in it.

And that’s about all there is to it. If you have any questions about Pinterest, feel free to ask in the comment section or by emailing me at Next week we’ll wrap things up with an overview of Instagram.


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