I’ve been doing this really fun challenge on Instagram, called the six word level. It’s hosted by a blog called Pageflutter. I love it, it’s so much fun.

It’s hardly the only writing challenge I participate in, of course. You all know I participate in Nanowrimo or Nanoedmo every November. I used to do Mash every quarter, and I really enjoyed participated in the Blogging 101 event in 2015. I really love writing challenges.

It nudges my creativity

I write almost every day, and most of the time I don’t have any trouble with writers block. But sometimes beginning projects can be troublesome. Or, I’ll find myself writing boring shit that feels repetitive. But a challenge often comes with a prompt that gives me direction. Or, it’s something I’ve never considered writing about before.

It makes me stretch

Look, I am not going to lie, editing for 50 hours in November was hard as hell. Some of these prompts this month have been complete nonstarters for me, and it’s been a challenge to come up with something I thought was clever. But it makes me do things that are hard, and that’s always good for us. To have to push to get something done is healthy sometimes.

It helps me meet new writers

I found so many new blogs that I fell in love with during the Blogging 101 event. I made new blogging friends and found new storytellers that have brightened my life. I find the same sort of thing happening on Instagram with the six word challenge. I love being introduced to new creative minds.

It helps other people find me

Much the same way that I found new writers during challenges, other people find me. I’ve never seen such an increase in my blog followers as when I participated in Blogging 101. Every time I get involved in a challenge, I see a jump in one or more of my social media followings.

It’s enjoyable

Finally, the challenges are fun. I always look forward to the start of them, and they’re events that change up my routine a little.

I highly encourage all of you to find your own writing challenges. Please let us know about them in the comments below so that we can join you.


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