It’s Falling From Grace Launch Day!

Here we are again, with a new book launch. Falling From Grace is available now on Amazon. It’s easily my favorite book to date, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. Hit me up on social media today, I’ll be answering any questions. And don’t forget, the first three Woven novelsContinue reading “It’s Falling From Grace Launch Day!”

Missing Stitches Chapter Three

Victor looked down at his breakfast plate. There sat three soft-boiled eggs, sausage, toast with honey and butter. There was a hot cup of rich tea steaming next to his plate. There had been a time, when he was a poor boy growing up in Montelair, that a meal like this would have seemed anContinue reading “Missing Stitches Chapter Three”

Missing Stitches Chapter Two

Devon leaned over the railing of his ship, the StarS Cobra, watching as the afternoon sun and the Great Gate of Septa drew closer. The wind blew through his dark curly hair, chilling his face. He’d forgotten how cold it could be outside of the desert. The skies were cloudy, and the waters of theContinue reading “Missing Stitches Chapter Two”