It’s Paper Beats World’s four year anniversary!

Today marks the fourth-year anniversary of Paper Beats World. Four years ago, way back in 2014, I posted my first blog post, I am a writer. I’ve kept right on posting ever since. In four years, I haven’t made any money from Paper Beats World. Hell, I haven’t made any money from writing in general.Continue reading “It’s Paper Beats World’s four year anniversary!”

Guest post from Debbie De Louise

I wrote Cloudy Rainbow, my paranormal romance, in 2007 after my 15-year-old cat passed away. I named the cat character in the book after Floppy and even included some of his real-life adventures in it. Although I’d published articles in pet magazines and a short mystery in an anthology prior to this, I’d never publishedContinue reading “Guest post from Debbie De Louise”

Science Fiction Sub-Genres, part two

Welcome to part two of Science Fiction sub-genres. If you missed part one, click here to catch up. Why are there so many science fiction sub-genres? Because they’re pretty different from each other, and everyone’s taste is different. It’s hard to say that a story about virtual reality belongs in the same category as aContinue reading “Science Fiction Sub-Genres, part two”

I wrote another book! (Shocker)

I’m coming to you today with a bonus post, and that usually means one of two things. Either I’m posting a new short story, or I’m telling you about a new book. It’s the second one. On September 14th, I’ll be launching a collection of Paper Beats World posts, lovingly re-edited and updated in aContinue reading “I wrote another book! (Shocker)”

Writing offensive humor in a not offensive way

I love irreverent humor. Blue humor, offensive jokes, grown-up cartoons, things like that. I’ve already done a review of Rick and Morty, for instance, and I stand by it being a smarter show than most people give it credit for. (I can’t say the same for some of my fellow fans. All I can sayContinue reading “Writing offensive humor in a not offensive way”

Science Fiction Sub-Genres, Part One

Last Friday, I told you I was going to talk about different science fiction subgenres. True to my word, I’ll be starting that today. And by starting I mean that this will be a six-week long series that will give an overview of six sub-genres a week. Because there’s a lot of them. Why areContinue reading “Science Fiction Sub-Genres, Part One”

Compairing Jurassic World and Incredibles II. Are they sexist?

Recently the husband and I did something we’ve been meaning to do for some time now. We signed up for a service called Movie Pass. (Note, this is not sponsored.) It’s cool, you can go see a movie a day for ten dollars a month. We’ve been seeing a lot of movies. One night, we’dContinue reading “Compairing Jurassic World and Incredibles II. Are they sexist?”

What is speculative fiction?

As most of you may know, I’m a speculative fiction writer. You’ve probably seen my tagline. It says that I write about dragons, ghosts and spaceships. Sometimes I write about the ghosts of dragons on spaceships. As cute as that is, it’s not quite helpful if you really don’t know what speculative fiction is. SoContinue reading “What is speculative fiction?”

Writing gunshot wounds realistically. A guest post by Dan C. Chamberlain

Hey, guys. Today we have a guest post by Dan Chamberlain, about something I know little to nothing about; gun wounds. I hope you find it as educational a I did.  Let’s talk about gun shot wounds, shall we?  So you want your fiction to be believable, but you don’t want it to be soContinue reading “Writing gunshot wounds realistically. A guest post by Dan C. Chamberlain”