I wrote another book! (Shocker)

I’m coming to you today with a bonus post, and that usually means one of two things. Either I’m posting a new short story, or I’m telling you about a new book.

It’s the second one.

On September 14th, I’ll be launching a collection of Paper Beats World posts, lovingly re-edited and updated in a snazzy e-book form. It’s called Deciding To Start, a collection of essays to inspire new writers.

And guess what? The pre-order is already up and ready to go. Here’s your link, if you’d like to secure your e-copy now.

Deciding To Start contains some of the best blog posts from the first two years of writing Paper Beats World, updated with new information and new insights. It covers such topics as inspiration to start writing, advice on the tools you need to get started, how to be a writer while also being a full time human being, and inspiration to keep going.

This project was honestly an emotional one to work on, especially so close to my four year anniversary here on PBW. It’s amazing to look back at how far this little site has come, and how much has changed in all that time.

What a difference four years can make


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