Religion and World Building

Don’t shoot yet! Torches, down folks. I am going to talk about religion today, and there are few better ways to tempt trolls on the internet. So please, let’s keep any discussions in the comments to religion as it applies to your fiction writing only. Now, in the interest of full disclosure before we talkContinue reading “Religion and World Building”

Writing Prompt Saturday- Your worlds favorite author

Since we talked about literature in your world on Sunday, let’s get more specific. Who is the most famous author in your world? What genre is most popular? Is the author a man or woman? Are they nice, fat headed? What do they look like? What’s her opinion of her fans? How do people reactContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- Your worlds favorite author”

Market, Fiction Desk

This was a fun site to find.  They are all about creating awesome anthology after awesome anthology.  I plan to being part of that.  You can be too.  I am a huge fan of short fiction, I think it’s highly underrated in this generation. Genre–  Anything.  They emphasis good characters over good writing, which I’mContinue reading “Market, Fiction Desk”

Check This Out- Write Naked

If the title sounds familiar, yes I did mention this site a few weeks ago on Market.  It’s a great site to submit guests posts to and get paid for it. However, there were a lot of things I didn’t get to mention about Write Naked when I was talking about it as a freelanceContinue reading “Check This Out- Write Naked”

The Writing Life- May 26

So, something pretty awesome happened last week.  Well, it’s awesome for me.  Probably no one else will care, some might even think it’s sad how excited about this I am, but that’s okay. At the start of 2015, I made a whole list of goals for the year.  I want to publish an e-book (stillContinue reading “The Writing Life- May 26”

Language and Literature in Your World

My favorite thing in the whole world is stories. All kinds of stories. Movies, books, tv shows with great plot and character growth. Urban legends, ghost stories, limericks. Any kind of story, I live for it. I also love language. It saddens me to my core that I don’t speak more than one language, butContinue reading “Language and Literature in Your World”

Writing Prompt Saturday- Create a Found Poem

Warning; this is not a poetry form for you if you’re not really cool with defacing old books.  This is the poetry form for you if you’re also into drawing, painting, scrap booking, or collage work. A found poem is one that you discovered in the existing text on a page.  I think I usedContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- Create a Found Poem”

Markets- Over My Dead Body!

No, this is not a magazine about parenting, or tired cliches.  This is a mystery magazine that takes short fiction.  It’s clever, cute, and fun. Genre- Fiction, Mystery and thriller.  Non fiction, reviews. Word Count- 750-4,000 Sub date- Open to submissions year round. Wait time- Six to eight weeks. Payout- 1 cent per word. Now,Continue reading “Markets- Over My Dead Body!”

Check This Out, Elle & Co

I found Elle & Co on Pintrest, like I find so many other awesome things like coffee recipes and things to do with old books.  And I swear, I lost an hour just scanning through the archives.  It has, no lie, some of the best images I have ever seen. I love this site becauseContinue reading “Check This Out, Elle & Co”