Market- Write Naked

I am a huge fan of writers supporting writers. Write Naked is a great example of this. It’s a writing blog that pays for great guest posts. And I mean well. Also, it’s another WordPress site, so you’ve got to love that. If you want to write for other writers, you’ve got to try this site.

Genre- Non fiction, about writing.

Word count- 450 to 650 words.

Payout- $50, but she will occasionally pay $200 for work she considers truly great.

Wait time- Generally a few weeks. She’s a busy girl.

No deadline to speak of.

As always, don’t forget to check the full submission guidelines here.

Any luck with this market, or any others that you want to share? Did you finish a draft, or anything else you want to brag about? Let me know, and I’ll put it up on the monthly brag board, on the last day of each month.


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