Check This Out, PayPal

Don’t forget to sign up for the Thirty Days, Thirty Ideas Challenge!  Click here to sign up. Honestly, is anyone not using PayPal at this point? I really love it, both personally and professionally. So if you’re not using it yet, here’s why you should be. Personally Simply put, I shop on-line a lot andContinue reading “Check This Out, PayPal”

Check This Out, Mail Chimp

When you start selling your books and other products, you’re going to need a mailing list.  I started one last month, called the Road to Full Time.  I’m really glad I started one. It allows me to talk at length about my actual step by step process to becoming a full time writer. People whoContinue reading “Check This Out, Mail Chimp”

Check This Out, Cozi

I really like planners. Like really like them. It’s a big thing for me, and I have tried every single planner you can talk about. I’m about to order the Cadillac of paper planners, the Erin Condron Planner. (Not an affiliate, just really love them.) As much as I love paper planners, they have oneContinue reading “Check This Out, Cozi”

Check This Out, Evernote

Well, I am writing on it right now, so that should give you some idea of how very much I do love Evernote. I feel like it would be silly to tell you what Evernote is, because it is all over the internet. But, not everyone is a crazy internet junkie like me, and maybeContinue reading “Check This Out, Evernote”

Check This Out- Gunnerkrigg Court

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I believe good writing comes in all forms.  Good stories come in all forms.  Books are great, they’re my personal favorite.  But I am a huge fan of comic books and graphic novels.  I mean things like Bone by Jeff Smith, Wonderland by Tommy Kovac, and the subjectContinue reading “Check This Out- Gunnerkrigg Court”

Check This Out, Elle & Co

I found Elle & Co on Pintrest, like I find so many other awesome things like coffee recipes and things to do with old books.  And I swear, I lost an hour just scanning through the archives.  It has, no lie, some of the best images I have ever seen. I love this site becauseContinue reading “Check This Out, Elle & Co”

Check This Out- Time Recording

This is not an affiliate post, I’m getting nothing at all for talking about something from the Google Play Store. Business hat time again. As I mentioned on Tuesday, I’m trying to see my time as something to invest in a project, instead of just rushing to check off as many things from my toContinue reading “Check This Out- Time Recording”

Check This Out- Just a Girl and Her Blog

So, this is a super exciting Check This Out for me because, (dum da da da!) this is the blog that inspired me to get into blogging. I would read Just a Girl and Her Blog every time it updated, and I’d think; this is such a cool way to connect with people. maybe evenContinue reading “Check This Out- Just a Girl and Her Blog”

Check This Out- Writer Unboxed

If you’re looking for a new writing blog, well, this is often a good place to find them. I am a huge blog junkie. Anything that can teach me to be a better writer, I will read it. This week, Writer Unboxed is my new favorite. It’s simple, but full of such inspirational work. JustContinue reading “Check This Out- Writer Unboxed”

Check This Out- Preditors and Editors

Really, the only excuse I’ve got for never mentioning Predators and Editors before is that I must have assumed you already knew about it. Predators and Editors is a must read before you submit to any agent or editor. The way the website works is this. Let’s say that you’re looking into agents A andContinue reading “Check This Out- Preditors and Editors”