Check This Out- Time Recording

This is not an affiliate post, I’m getting nothing at all for talking about something from the Google Play Store.

Business hat time again.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I’m trying to see my time as something to invest in a project, instead of just rushing to check off as many things from my to do list as I can on any given day.  I’m also trying to, more and more, see writing as my real job.

Well, I clock in at my day job.  I want to be able to clock in for writing time, too.  So, I found Time Recording on the Google Play Store.  It’s my new favorite app this week.

Now, I love this app for a lot of reasons.

  • It helps me stay focused.  When the clock is ticking , I consider those ‘billable hours,’ like a lawyer or a therapist.  I am at work once I’ve clocked in, and I should act like it.  It’s amazing how much that, “I am supposed to be working now,” has helped me.
  • I’ve made a steadfast rule about my time management games.  I don’t look at them when I’m punched in to write.  Even if I’m taking a five minute break, I do something else.  So long as that app is running, no other apps are running.
  • Even so, I can do other things on my tablet while this app is running.  I tried an app that blocked all other apps while I was on it.  It was cool, you grew a little tree for every half hour you didn’t close the app.  Which would have been super terrific, if I didn’t have an e-book version of Broken Patterns on my tablet that I’ve been using to read it and make notes.  Or if I didn’t have my planner on my tablet.  Or if I didn’t need to check my e-mail, or fact check something online, or look at that article I saved on Feedly.  The point is, I have touched my tablet four times in the writing of this article, to check on something I needed to know before I finished writing it.
  • This app tracks the time I’ve spent writing for the day, the week, and the month.  That’s really convenient for me.
  • I am a gamer at heart, and I love having a number to beat.  So if I spent fourteen hours this week writing, I’d damn well better write for sixteen next week.

So check out Time Recording on the Play Store.  See what it helps you create this week.

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