Bonus Post! New 2015 Nanowrimo and Nanoedmo shopping list!

Lots of red pens. Highlighters, in a rainbow of color.  I’m not surprised that the ones I bought during back to school are all gone.  The monsters took them Chocolate, again. I bought a french press!  Just another way to make a copious amount of coffee, which I’ll be needing. Some really good sharp cheese,Continue reading “Bonus Post! New 2015 Nanowrimo and Nanoedmo shopping list!”

Why Do We Want Horror Stories?

Now, I’m going to talk about something that has been gone over at great length by Stephen King.  I learned a lot about writing and appreciating the horror genre by reading Danse Macabre, On Writing, and the intro to his short story collection, Graveyard Shift.  I would highly advise anyone who wants to write horrorContinue reading “Why Do We Want Horror Stories?”

A Writers Horror, Depression

Writers are weird.  We all know this.  We voluntarily lock ourselves in rooms and write made up stuff.  We are weird. Statistically speaking, we are also often depressed. I found out recently that, in addition to being an introvert, I suffer from depression.  That puts me on the list with Stephen King, Mark Twain, JKContinue reading “A Writers Horror, Depression”

Words Change Worlds, The Plight of Rottewilers

As promised, welcome to a new monthly column here on Paper Beats World, called Words Change Worlds. This column is dedicated to charities and causes that we, as writers, can help with.  It’s based on the theory that we can make a difference in our world, as writers. This month, I’d like to talk toContinue reading “Words Change Worlds, The Plight of Rottewilers”