Words Change Worlds, The Plight of Rottewilers

As promised, welcome to a new monthly column here on Paper Beats World, called Words Change Worlds.

This column is dedicated to charities and causes that we, as writers, can help with.  It’s based on the theory that we can make a difference in our world, as writers.

This month, I’d like to talk to you about dogs.  Pitbulls and rottweilers to be specific.

Totally vicious, that dog.

I’m sure you’ve heard the stories, and know something of the controversy.  Rotties and pits are thought to be vicious dogs far more likely to bite and injure people.

But it isn’t true.  The truth of the matter is much darker than that.  The truth is that this myth of the dangerous dog breed has lead to countless cases of death and abuse for these dogs.

In the past, rotties and pits were bred to be guard dogs, much like german shepherds.  The shepherd, however, has obtained a great reputation.  Recently, pitts have been used in cage fighting, banned in 13 states, and generally treated as a dangerous breed.

What these dogs need are advocats.  They need people to say a dog is a dog, and it is the owners and breeders who train them to attack who should be punished.  They need to be treated with love.

The plight of pit bulls and rottweilers is dark.  In addition to being banned in many states, owning one of those dogs can be dangerous for the owners.

  • Owning a pit or rottie can raise your homeowners insurance.
  • You are more likely to be in danger of a lawsuit when you own a pit bull.
  • You will run the risk of your dog being accused of attacks.  And if your dog does bark, or become territorial about your yard, you are very likely to lose your pet, even if no one was harmed.
  • In many cases, owning a pit or a rottie will limit the places you have to live.  It’s already to the point where owning a cat or dog can greatly restrict your rental options.  Even pet friendly places might not be keen on these breeds.

Oh, and let’s not forget the worst case scenarios for these animals.  Most shelters who still have kill policies will prioritize the breeds they kill, and remove the pits and rotties first.  Now, I have mixed feelings about kill or no kill shelters to start with.  But when you throw in killing an animal for its breed, I have no mixed feeling at all.  It’s just wrong.

Of course, being humanely put down is preferable to being tossed into a gage being forced to fight each other.  Let’s not forget that the whole image of the vicious breed is promoted by illegal fighting rings.

So what can you do, to help protect the pits and rotties?  Here’s some things you can do.

  • If you live in a state that bans pit bulls and rottweilers, write to your congressman and representatives.
  • Write your local ASPCA, encouraging them to ban the killing of pit bulls and rottweilers.
  • If you can, please post something on your own blog about the plight of pit bulls and rottweilers.  They need us.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this first issue of Words Change Worlds.  If you have any suggestions for charities or causes that you’d like to see spotlighted, let me know at nicolecluttrell86@Gmail.com

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