Like No Time Has Passed

I’ve got this friend that I don’t talk to much. It’s not because we don’t get along, quite the opposite. It’s just that we’re both mad busy. She’s in school, pregnant with her second child, and working. She also lives in Pittsburgh, while I’m stuck in Butler. I have two kids, a full-time job, aContinue reading “Like No Time Has Passed”

Protecting Yourself Online

Writers depend on our computers a lot. You just can’t be a writer these days without a computer and internet access. You don’t the latest or greatest, but you do need a computer with proper internet connection. Which means you also need your freaking computer to not die. Honestly, if you want to strike fearContinue reading “Protecting Yourself Online”

Managing Social Media for Multiple Books

I’ve seen a lot of people on my Facebook and other writing groups recently ask the same question. How do I handle social media promotion when I have multiple books to sell? Since I publish two different series, I’m a decent person to ask about this. It’s a pain, I don’t mind telling you. IContinue reading “Managing Social Media for Multiple Books”

Bonus post: Creators on Youtube need our help.

I’m not on Youtube, I’m not a very visual person. I’m a writer, my work is there. But the entertainment industry is evolving all the time. Indie writers are inventing new ways every day to bring our stories to people. We host podcasts, publish blogs, participate in indie cons and countless other things. I myselfContinue reading “Bonus post: Creators on Youtube need our help.”

Picking Apart Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog

  Have you seen Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog? It’s this awesome film from Joss Whedon. Nathan Fillion was in it, as was Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day. I love this movie like nothing else.     I learn about writing from everywhere, or at least I try to. So when something comes along thatContinue reading “Picking Apart Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog”