Why Wandavision Works

Spoiler Warning: It is all but impossible to talk about Wandavision without some serious spoilers. So if you haven’t seen it yet and you plan to, click away and come back later. You have been warned. Speaking of a spoiler warning, funny story. The darling husband and I had been planning to watch Wandavision butContinue reading “Why Wandavision Works”

Learning from younger people

I have this problem. It’s a little embarrassing, but I want to get better. And I thought maybe it might be a problem some of you have too.  I have a weird problem taking advice from people younger than me. It makes me feel uncomfortable, as though I’m failing somehow.  Yes, I’m aware this isContinue reading “Learning from younger people”

The best and worst ways I spend writing money

Today’s cover art is from Bruno /Germany Money is something most writers have a sticky relationship with. We’re artists, we don’t do this for the money. But we need money to, you know, live. We have day jobs until we make enough money writing to sustain us full-time. If we ever make enough money writing.Continue reading “The best and worst ways I spend writing money”

Out of the broom closet

No post this week, guys. Please enjoy this short story instead. I know a lot of witches these days are real out in the open about it. They go online and share spells like recipes, post pictures of their alters. There’s about a hundred Facebook groups for witches.  That’s great and all, really. I’m superContinue reading “Out of the broom closet”

Four ways to celebrate National Poetry Month

Today’s beautiful cover art is from Mariangela Castro. <a href=”http://Image by Mariangela Castro (Mary) from And then it was April, and then it was Spring. And then it was poetry month and a prose writer tried to clumsily sound poetic.  I love poetry the way a child loves a cat. I don’t understand it, butContinue reading “Four ways to celebrate National Poetry Month”