Secondary Characters, Learn to Love Them

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If you’ve never questioned my sanity, you might be after reading that title.  But I bet that I can say four names that will change your mind; Hermione Granger, Gandalf, Rue and Four/Tobias.  Secondary characters make the story. If you’ve never really explored all the different ways to use…

Lilliann, The Inventor

“Now, Lillian,” Daddy said, squinting through the rain on the car windshield, “I want you to remember that moving was not an easy task.  I had to find a new job, to start with.  I’m going to have a hard time getting new jobs if I get into the habit of quitting after just aContinue reading “Lilliann, The Inventor”

The Best Movies for Storytelling

I’m low key in love with movies. Okay, not low key. I really love movies. And I’m as crazy eclectic with my movie love as I am with music. (Remember, I’m the weirdo that has Eminem, Sugarland and Elton John on my tablet, right along with Cher and Panic! At The Disco.) It goes furtherContinue reading “The Best Movies for Storytelling”

What Aaron Sorkin taught me

I’m a huge political junkie, if you can’t tell. Normally I spend a lot of time during an election year, even the mid term elections, glued to the news, reading every paper I can get, and just stuffing myself as full of election information as I can. This year, I’m not really thrilled with theContinue reading “What Aaron Sorkin taught me”

Idiosyncracies, how to use them and why your character needs them

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This is an often overlooked and sometimes misunderstood part of creating a character. Too often we talk about a characters strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, favorite brand of coffee, that sort of thing. We don’t talk a lot about characters idiosyncrasies, though, and that doesn’t make a lot of sense…

A Review of Bo Burnham, Make Happy

The darling husband and I are big on stand up comedy. I, in particular, love musical comedy, like Weird Al and Stephen Lynch. (That’s the only thing those two people have in common. Weird Al’s usually family friendly, and Lynch works about as blue as you get.) One of our recent favorites is Bo Burnham.Continue reading “A Review of Bo Burnham, Make Happy”