Bonus Post! New 2015 Nanowrimo and Nanoedmo shopping list!

  1. Lots of red pens.
  2. Highlighters, in a rainbow of color.  I’m not surprised that the ones I bought during back to school are all gone.  The monsters took them
  3. Chocolate, again.
  4. I bought a french press!  Just another way to make a copious amount of coffee, which I’ll be needing.
  5. Some really good sharp cheese, to keep my energy up.
  6. Some VOD movie vouchers, so I can edit while the monsters watch movies.
  7. index cards, for when I have to rip my outline apart and start over.  Again.
  8. A pillow for my desk chair.  My hard, unyielding, desk chair.
  9. A playstore gift card for loud music. (It helps me think)
  10. Asprin, for headaches and wrist aches.
  11. Lots of trips to the printers, which will also mean lots of stops by the coffee shop.
  12. A large bottle of red wine, to celebrate finally (hopefully) finishing Broken Patterns!

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