Check This Out- Gunnerkrigg Court

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I believe good writing comes in all forms.  Good stories come in all forms.  Books are great, they’re my personal favorite.  But I am a huge fan of comic books and graphic novels.  I mean things like Bone by Jeff Smith, Wonderland by Tommy Kovac, and the subject of today’s Check This Out, Gunnerkrigg court.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve actually been saving this one for my month dedicated to parenting for a reason.  It’s a story that I read with my kids, and find that we all seem to be able to appreciate it on different levels.

The story is amazingly creative, with some borrowing from lesser known mythology.   It’s the story of a place called Gunnerkrigg court (duh) that has been created to study the combined forces of science and magic.  Only they call it Etheric energy.  In this world, people use computers they control through pendants and tattoos.  Robots have feelings, and the school dorm is protected by a huge crab like creature.  It’s the story of a little girl named Annie who grew up in the court, but soon starts to make friends with the inhabitants of The Forest, an amazing place full of demons, fairies, and gods.  There’s a girl possessed by some unknown force, a demon trapped in a stuffed doll, trees that get up and run around, and all sorts of other really cool characters.

The whole thing is available online, but it really is worth it to invest in the hardcover books if you can, they’re great quality.  But you’ve got to read the story from the beginning.  The archives can be found from this link right here.  So check out Gunnerkrigg Court with your kids this week.


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