Check This Out- Writer Unboxed

If you’re looking for a new writing blog, well, this is often a good place to find them. I am a huge blog junkie. Anything that can teach me to be a better writer, I will read it.

This week, Writer Unboxed is my new favorite. It’s simple, but full of such inspirational work. Just this past week, there was a great piece of effective multitasking. I think, if you read my post on Tuesday about all my projects, you will understand why I might have had just a small, really passing, interest in that.

Here’s the one that I really want you to read, though. It’s called Great Expectations, by M.J Rose. I saved it to read when I need to feel better about this whole writing thing. I’m going to keep it short today, because I want you to go read it, right now.

Check out Writer Unboxed, then stop back here and tell me what you think.

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