Writing 101, day 14

Today’s Prompt: Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration.

The closest book to me was Zen Inspirations.  The first word I saw on page 29 was kind.

Dear Dr. Sanders,

I have tried to be kind, at least as much as I could have been in this situation.  Really, I have.  It’s not always been easy, but I have tried.

You, sadly, have not returned this kindness, have you now?  In the months that I have wasted, seeking a peaceful resolution to this sad situation, you have been anything but kind.  I have tried to send you letters, which you’ve returned unopened.  I call, and you’re receptionist says that you are too busy to come to the phone.  Surely, she will call you back, he informed me over and over.  But do you?  No, you do not.  Surely it wouldn’t take more than a moment for you to call, and set my mind at ease over this whole situation.  This messy, awful situation that you, Madam, started.

I was finally forced to come to your offices myself, and speak with you.  Again, though, I was told that you were too busy to spare a moment for me.  Me, who you have so terribly wronged.  You couldn’t come speak to me.  I waited, in the office.  I was patient.  I didn’t make a scene, nore did I do anything to earn the looks of discomfort that I received from your staff.  Even so, you didn’t come out to speak to me.  I know that you think I didn’t see you sneaking out the back door to avoid me.  But I saw you.  Oh yes, I saw you.

So now, I’m afraid I have come to the end of my kindness.  If you will not speak to me to resolve this injustice, if you will not give me back what is rightfully mine, then I will have to take it by force.  I will be in your office Monday morning, Doctor, and if you do not put my reproductive organs back where they were, I will be forced to mark the entire office as my personal territory.  As I’m sure you know, it’s a very hard thing to remove cat urine smell.  Consider your next move wisely.




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