The Most Popular Posts of 2015

Welcome to the very last Paper Beats World post of 2015. I have had such an awesome year, watching this little corner of the internet grow. I can’t wait to see what sort of community we’ll build here in the next year.

2015 was full of surprises for me. I wasn’t expecting to get promoted at the day job. I wasn’t expecting to move. I sure wasn’t expecting to get a dog, which was on my Bucket List, by the way. All of these were good surprises, but still.

I was also surprised by the posts here that you all loved the most.  Really, I guess I shouldn’t be, but I was.  Just in case you missed them, here are the top ten most popular posts of 2015.

10. Writing 101, Day 15. That’s actually kind of misleading, because the fifteenth day of writing 101 I didn’t do the prompt at all. That was the day I finished the rough draft for Starting Chains. The title of the post was Done! I am really surprised and touched that this announcement made the top ten.

9. Writing 101, Day 17. The writing 101 event was awesome. This day the prompt was about fear.

8. Writing 101, Day 14. This was a writing prompt that led me to write a comical (I think) short piece in the form of a letter.  Again I am so thrilled to see some of my personal fiction work on the top ten list. If you missed the ‘Open Letter’ feel free to give it a read.

7. Write a Sapphic poem. I think Google search engine had something to do with this. Sapphic isn’t a common word, after all. I love the form, and I love the word. So, if you found my site by searching for sapphic poetry, welcome!

6. Market, Betwixt. The first but not the last market to make it to the top ten, Betwixt was an anthology that I did not enter. Again, I think search engines played a part here.

5. Write a burlesque poem. I really hope someone found this when searching for something naughty.

4. Writing 101, Day 6. This was a writing prompt that led me to talk about my day job. At least, more than I usually do. It also led to some of the nicest comments I have literally ever had on this site. I actually cried.

3. Markets, Second Hand Smoke. Again, search engines. But this was one of those markets that I was really happy to see. I am so glad that we’re becoming more aware of the impact smoking has not only on the health of the smoker, but on the people they smoke around. I wrote a piece that I might post here sometime, about growing up the daughter of a smoker.

2. Get Your Free World Building Printable. Alright, I guess this one doesn’t surprise me at all. It was free, it was pretty cool, and I talked it up on Social Media a lot. But I’m really glad people liked it. I hope you click on the link and get it, if you haven’t already.

1.The Best Gift For Writers. I guess I underestimated the ‘gifts for’ theme. I was so happy to see that this one was so popular.

Thanks again for reading. I can’t wait to see what tops the charts next year.

Don’t forget, I’m on Patreon now. If you want to support me, and help me keep doing what I do, please check me out. You also get stories that won’t appear on Paper Beats World, and some other goodies.  Click here to see my page.



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